Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nerds on the Loose!

 the effin long line waiting for our turn to enter
 we practically waited for hours
 we must-have caught the photographer's eye
 candid moments #boredwaitingforthefood
 after 15mins
 my HOT but NERDY friends
 and here comes another one! :P
 the most gorgeous of us all :)
their wedding cakes...bwahahaha

 Feeling the gorgeous-vibe of my friend :"> #chancee
I swear I'd give anything just to taste this again, heaven ♥
It's been a long time since, my friends and I had some bonding moments. So last saturday after watching some epic-play at the Cebu International Convention Center, we headed directly to Ayala and have our dinner there. It was fun being with the nerdies (considering my friends were all in the dean's list :P). Who would've thought, that the people they think who only spend their saturday afternoons devouring themselves with all those academic books, actually knows what's HANGING-OUT means? Hahaha. And what's more amazing? We all looked classy in the different outfits we chose to wear that day (fashionable nerds, anyone?) So here's a quick recount on the event s that happened that day. After the show, we went to Ayala and had dinner a Giligan's (take note: it was all-Filipino dish). The food was simply amazing, imagine a table filled with food consumed by 6 people in just 15 mins? Considering, that was just a normal speed! Bwahaha That explains how ravenous our appetite are when we eat passed our usual dinner time (kidding). And who could ever forget DESSERTS? For sure, that's not us. We had dessert at Vanille Patisserie that serves all kinds of French sweets. Imagine the foodtrip we had, form Philippines to France. Hahaha. Anyway, I had a brownie cheescake (really yummy) and I forgot the name of my friends' orders. It was a great night indeed, brief but concise. A perfect get away from our everyday humdrum of school and work.

PS--hoping to do it again soon with you guys ♥ :*

Monday, February 20, 2012

My new Baby

me and my baby

Pardon me for the the goofy and crazy pictures I've posted. I was just so happy that I got this new pair of Vans shoes. This was my dad's gift to me for being part of the dean's list during the first semester (I was in the Top 14! hihihi). I know I'm not a big fan of these type of shoes (I kinda like wearing high-heels more) but I wanted to innovate my fashion but adding a little boyish-look on it and I figured buying a glittering Vans can both make me look boyish but still with a touch of femininity in it. I so love these comfy pair of shoes, they are stylish and very comfortable as well! It's worth your money, I swear. :)

Grab a pair now :D

Things I will never Tell Anyone

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