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Back in the Runway: Evening Wear

Now, let me show you what I wore for the evening gown in the pageant. I took time to have these bunch of selfies/ ootds before the night ends. Luckily, I found this huge white curtain covering a whole side of the venue and so I asked my mom to take this shot for me. Since, the gown is so me..classy and effortless I thought doing some Victorian pose would be appropriate.

You gotta give me that chance to act like some royalty here because the gown calls for a sophisticated feel in it. But what I love about this dress is that it was not heavy, it was flow-y and I didn't trip at all in the whole show.
 Spot the not. Seeing the other people dancing after the pageant, can I say no to them? I mean the music is just so inviting. Whether in long gown or not you still got to be yourself. Hahaha. Cray cray me!
 The two ladies who were uberly supportive the entire time. Buying me everything I need from the smallest detail and all those needed in between. They took photos and helped me change…

Back in the Runway: Casual Wear

 Dress: Maze | Shoes: Aldo | Ring: Ayala Accesories| Earrings: SM Accessories| HMUA: mom
Hola everyone! Now I'm back to blogging and I'm back with a great news! Well, well your sister right here just took a great leap out of her comfort zone by joining a beauty contest. Not really your beauty queen kind of lady, but if given the opportunity, why not? This happen just yesterday in our Acquaintance party and it was good. To tell you the truth though, I was never so excited about the thought of this. I've joined several pageants before and I really get jitters during the long gown and question and answer portion.

Anyway, this first post is solely about my casual wear. I had this dress as a Christmas gift from my aunt. Let me tell you the story if this dress, when she told me to go with her to Ayala to buy something and to choose my gift from her,  I already had in mind what type of dress I'd like to wear. I don't know if I have told you how much I love corsets? Yeah w…


Hello! It's been what? Uhmm, a month since I last posted. You wouldn't excuse me if I tell you I just can't find any decent photos to post here. Lol! But seriously, I haven't found the time to do some outfits shots at all because my outfits had been so effortless and not chic at all due to the long travels I have to make every washdays. But don't worry, I have a big surprise coming real soon! And I've got upcoming outfit posts and photoshoots too. So stay tuned and I hope you don't get tired visiting my blog every now and then! :) Love lots ♥♥

PS-- Since I love my phantom readers, I've got you some of my selfies and lame ootds shots in the past few weeks. These are the most decent photos I have recently.