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Important Notice!

Readers and Visitors, I know that you have noticed that my blog is not looking good at the moment. I am still the in the process of improving and upsizing my blog so please bear with all the changes that you will encounter in the coming days. Rest assured, I will be back in the business as soon as I have fixed my blog and finished the major make over. I will also be back posting new blog post the moment I get a hang of my post-college life. I will be back as soon as possible and I will try my best to give you quality blog posts.

See you around!

Loving, Losing and Moving On

Remember that time when you first had your heart broken? The time when you thought everything was perfect and you found out what a douche he is? The kind of pain that felt right through your heart. Yes, imagine that scenario when you find out that something important to you is gone. 
Today, I was so happy because I finally am in the last pages of the book I am currently reading. I was in the brink of excitement knowing that I will be going through my mini bookshelf again and decide what to read next. Only to my surprise that my bookshelf is infested with termites. Yes, TERMITES! They were all over my books and they were feasting on it like it was some kind of a buffet. At first, it was just one book, not until I went through my whole shelf to find out that they have already eaten 1/4 of my collection. 
That moment, I knew of the word broken heart. Seeing those books slowly being rotten away by such pests, eating them like they are some kind of grass, I felt my heart being torn apart.…

On Life and Career

On Life and Career

I thought I would have been a promising blogger by now. I could have applied to become a free lance writer on a local and national magazine. I could have been dressing and styling celebrities by now or become an apprentice of Liz Uy or Rachel Zoe. I thought I would be flying back and forth to different places and become a flight attendant.

Well, that was the original dream. If I have to go through my dream book once again, I sure would find those career options that I dreamed to do. But I do not know which way did the wind blew for me to go through a totally different path. Because right now, I am doing exact opposite of my original plans.

I do not really remember what happened along the way or what went wrong. But maybe in the long run, I just outgrew my childhood dream. I have done a lot of things, met a lot of people and become inspired by different things that has really caused me to take a different route.

Maybe I am just more than capable to do greater things than…