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Fashion and Photography

If there's one thing I'd like to be creative at, it's how to add art in all my upcoming blog posts. That's why tonight, I'm collecting photos, studying the different poses and thinking of themes that I'll be doing in the future. As of the moment, I'm caught up with doing the upside down pose on a chair. I mean, isn't os just so amazing to do something weird in a chair that might actually end up in the category of high fashion? Just wait, I'll give you exactly what I mean in a few days. And also, I'd like to perfect that close-up looks wherein you just look so fierce and seductive by your face alone with nothing else. It's hard to project with full emotions on the camera unless you are a pro at it. And lastly, I also dream of wearing a harness a be left flying high with a cloth floating as well. For me, I was so mesmerized on how you can tangle yourself up there and just glide in the air. It's so divine and heavenly.

Gosh, I'm so exc…