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I am not Sexist

I am not Sexist by chichonheels featuring michael kors jewelry

I am not a sexist. I was asked by our NASCI teacher what would I be 10 years from now and I told him I'd like to be a flight attendant and a famous fashion stylist. He had a follow-up question whether I'd be styling for women or men. Of course, I answered women and he added that "Ahh, sexist" statement. And that got me into thinking why not do both? I mean it's always been my pleasure to style people regardless of their gender. It's just that I'm not yet so skillfull on determining men's taste in clothes. I want to know every facet of their fashion first before diving into a pool of men's style. So as of the moment, for a start I decided to style a boyish look or the androgyny look. And in this outfit, I really meant boyish. No heels, no jewelries. I decided to do some layering and that is covering a simple white-beaded-collared top with a large boat neck sweatshirt to add some masculi…

First Date

First Date by chichonheels featuring cubic zirconia cocktail rings

This outfit is inspired from my imaginary dream date. Imaginary is the operative word for "DIDN'T HAPPEN YET".  I'm in no hurry though because I'm still 17 years old but I'm sort of preparing when that time comes. Hahaha :)) Anyway, this outfit is applicable to anyone who is bound to have their very fist date in their lifetime. A fashion advice from me, don't choose a very bold outfit. Pick out a dainty dress that is one-colored and can be worn as casual or semi-formal. Then pair it with a simple pair of high-heels (if you are a heels-lover) but flat shoes  is perfect for it too.  I picked a torqouise-ish colored dress and then a pale pink heels to go with the trend that is color-blocking. Don't overload the accessories. Wear a simple shining shimmering dangling earrings and then load your wrist just the right amount of gold bracelets and  a gold ring or two. Just wear a light make up …

Friday Night

Friday Night by chichonheels featuring a peter pan blouse
Black and Gold. These two colors shine bright on a friday night out, don't you think? If you wanna go clubbing with your friends, then this one fits perfectly. It's chic and it's comfy. The Gold-colored jeans really intensifies the whole outfit, but the chiffon peter-pan collared top doesn't do any less also. And adding the Louboutin's spikey pumps, you just nailed down the outfit. To top it off just add some goldish and blackish accessories and of course a simple tote bag that would make you look like a new-yorker walking around 5th avenue. Don't forget the make up also, make it light on the eyes and add a dash of red lipstick for color.

All I know is that one day, I'm gonna be in this outfit. That's it. No fussin. Love it or not. :)

Ethnic Work

Ethnic Work by chichonheels featuring a bodycon skirt
I'm back again stylin at Polyvore and I cam up with this look. This look is suited for a corporate-fashinista look. If yu work on an office and find the black and white combination a bit dull and boring already why not try this look? It's young and fresh but still has that elegant and formal touch when you pair it with that white or even black jacket. Then to finish up the look, you don't need to over crowd it by adding too much jewelry. What I did to highlight the look is I added a chunky necklace and a stud earring both of the same shade and color. Simple and meek which also neutralized the bright color of the pink and orange bag. What's special about this look is the ethnic-themed bustier. I know this kinda looked off-beat here, but for me this kinda add attraction to the whole outfit. It has added spice in it. Don't you think ? :)