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C'est fini

And so this ends my affair with the academe. But those 14 years of education was not easy for me. Ever since grade school I never had an award so much more during high school. Perhaps being one of the honor graduate in our batch is one of my greatest achievement up to date, And I am so proud of it because I got it out of pure hard work, determination and tons of prayer. It is the result of my sleepless nights, bad hair day, no make-up wednesdays, no dates, no social life and imprisoned in my room for four years. But no regrets. None at all.

My friends have also played a big part of it all, if not for our very healthy competition we would not strive hard to always be our best in every project. quizzes and research works. I know I have the best ones since we always tend to make each other better each day. I will miss this bunch (although we are not complete), and I will miss our lunch time jokes, our noisy talks and our boy pranks in school. And as we go our separate ways, I hope that…


Can you believe it? Just afew more days and I will finally be walking down the aisle! Nope, I am not getting married, I am just getting my diploma. But before I totally say goodbye to USC, I will give you some snippets of our graduation ball which happened last wednesday, March 25, 2015 at Parklane Hotel.   We had an awards night theme for the ball, and so we all agreed to wear something formal. I chose this red velvet gown because it is just so simple yet it exudes with class. Although, my original plan was to wear an entirely different design but then time did not allow me to have that gown custom made. So thank God for my go-to designer Jed Sevilla, who is one of Cebu's finest designers. 
For my accessories, of course I flaunt the minimalist in me. A dangling earrings and my favorite rings are always my best friends. The laser cut of the gown itself has already done the part of giving the oomph factor of the over all look.

I tell you a secret though, this has been my red carp…

White out

Take me somewhere cold. I am writing this post while sipping my iced tea under the sun. Imagine the contrast. Weird. I know, but oh well. This was taken a few weeks ago, and if you really think about it, this was exactly a month ago. Not much of an up to date blogger, huh? 

 So I chose to wear an all white ensemble during our CUHK tour and our visit to the Victoria peak. I was thinking that even if the weather was a bit cold that day, white can still suffice. And it did. I wore at least three shades of white: plain white, off white and close to gray white. I really did not expect that it will look good to wear. Haha! But anyway, what was good in this look was that it was very comfortable. Even if the material is not suitable for winter, but my insulator jacket did a good job though ;)

This was taken on the mountain trail of the Victoria Peak. There were a lot of tourist who went a stroll in here and it took an hour for us to finish the whole walkway. And if you must know where this w…


I will first take a break from posting about my Hong Kong trip. I want to share some news to my mystery readers on what is happening in my life right now. Like the title itself, my photos are unfiltered as well. I will bare my personal sentiments to you all about a very important event that is bound to happen soon. Aside from the fact that I am past my teenage years already, being 20 means it is the end of the line for me (when it comes to my studies). It will only be a few more days before I get my diploma and finally pat my shoulder and repeat the mantra: I did it. 

What most people think is that when they graduate college, everything is done. Fini. The ultimate end as they say. But for me college is just like reading the Prologue of a novel. Whatever you did in college and whatever result that comes out of it will give you an overview of what to expect in your book of life. Because the moment you attain that "academic freedom", you will find yourself in the middle of now…

Back in Black

Travelling and fashion always go hand in hand. Let us just say that dressing up for your flights is a standard operating procedure for every vagabond. You never know what to expect, especially with the customs from other countries. So always be ready and armed with your best outfits so that you can get through the airport harmless. Lol!
And so I decided for my derpature #ootd to go all black. Black is the safest and classic default outfit for all season. Who cares even if it is summer, winter or autumn-- black will always be black. So, I chose to wear a black turtleneck top paired with a black jeans and top it all with this fluffy winter jacket. I had to be ready just in case Hong Kong might be too cold for me. 

I was just experimenting on my outfit because honestly I have no idea about cold weather dressing (spell first timer. ugh). So I had to settle with my own creative and stylish ideas. One thing I must tell you is that when you go outside the country always look your best becau…