C'est fini

 And so this ends my affair with the academe. But those 14 years of education was not easy for me. Ever since grade school I never had an award so much more during high school. Perhaps being one of the honor graduate in our batch is one of my greatest achievement up to date, And I am so proud of it because I got it out of pure hard work, determination and tons of prayer. It is the result of my sleepless nights, bad hair day, no make-up wednesdays, no dates, no social life and imprisoned in my room for four years. But no regrets. None at all.

My friends have also played a big part of it all, if not for our very healthy competition we would not strive hard to always be our best in every project. quizzes and research works. I know I have the best ones since we always tend to make each other better each day. I will miss this bunch (although we are not complete), and I will miss our lunch time jokes, our noisy talks and our boy pranks in school. And as we go our separate ways, I hope that our friendship will never fade. 

I also want to thank my mum and dad for being so supportive with all my academic stunts and I know sometime we do not meet halfway, but I am still so thankful that they are always there to guide me. I hope I made them proud and I hope that this medal has compensated all the hard work and sacrifices that they made for me. I know that I have not been a really good daughter to them in the past, but because of that I promised to be better and to make up for all the times I caused them headache. 

I also want to thank my siblings and my auntie for always attending all my school activities and for all their support. They are the ones who made me popular in my own right because they spread news like a television, but thanks to them because it really boosts my confidence. I just hope that they will also do their best in their own studies so that they can make our parents proud.

But my dress is another story that I would not mind telling you. My original plan was to wear a white off shouldered midi dress. So I rummaged SM and Ayala just to find the perfect outfit and believe me it took me two days to finally settle on this one. The biggest malls in Cebu does not have my white dress! And by saturday, I lost my cool and broke down. HAHAHAAH! Imagine my hysteria. Until I decided to choose the closest thing next to it and this orange dress could not be more perfect. But my fashion dilemma does not end there because the search for the perfect white stiletto is up next. I did not find one either and so I bought the closest thing next to it only to find out that we should wear a black closed toe heel. Oh the irony of it all. So it comes out that my dream graduation outfit remained a dream. hahaha! 

On a serious note though, as much as I want to take all the credit for this accomplishment, I know that this achievement truly belong to three people only: God, mum and dad. They are the ones responsible for this, if it was not for my God who gave me the intellect, the confidence and the strength to fight my way through college and all the blessings in between, this would not have been possible. If it was not for my closest confidante, which is my mum, then I would have give up along time go since those four years was also a battle between me and my self-apprehensions. I was never a believer that I could do it, that I had a potential, that I was smart and that I am capable of anything only if I try and work for it. But she was there all through out, incessantly telling me that I have it all I just have to be confident about it and I could never thank her enough for everything. And to my dad, even if we never had the best relationship but his mere presence and his financial providence it was enough for me to know that he cares.

And how could I forget, my dear readers? You are my safe place, this blog is my other home. Writing and telling you my rants and fashion frustrations was my best stress reliever and knowing that everyday there are people who always take time to stop  by and check this blog out is enough reason for me to keep going and make this blog better. Thank you for your comments and blog views. You do not know how I get so kilig everytime I see my increasing blog views. Speakandstyle is the love life I never had :)

Outfit: Dress: Zara| Shoes: CMG| HMUA: David's Salon
Credits. Mom for the picture


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