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This shoot was long due, approximately two months ago. But I'd like to make up fpr everything I've missed especially to my readers (if ever). So here is the second outfit I wore for my predbut photoshoot.
 The carefree look you see is the result of having my cheerful bestfriend around Irene. Well, she's one of those few who could bring out the best laugh/smile in me. Personally, I like the dress very much coz it's effortlessly elegant and its color is just so refreshing to the eyes.
 The ingenious capturing of the moment as the sun sets is just too dramatic and romantic that makes you  want to reminisce and remember the past. Coincidentally, at this very moment in between the boundary of 2012 and 2013 I feel the very same feeling I had when I took this shoot and perhaps this is perfect moment to post this outfit.
 You could write a poem with this photo actually. Or can you? Hahaaha. I'll be my alter ego this time, not your sister fashionista but just your next d…