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The Basics

The Basics by chichonheels featuring diamond rings
               It's June and guess we all have our fair share of summer so we should be school ready by now. And here comes the new dilemma, what to wear for school? Everybody must have gone shopping by now, buying all sorts of new tees and skinny jeans. But from a practical fashionista right here, I jsut advise you to buy few things for the school year. For one, you'll definitely need a white sheer button down polo. It is the most basic among all tops but the most versatile as well. You need it because you can wear it many times, styled differently without people noticing you wear the same top every now and then. And you also need a printed white tee. Once in a while you need to splash color in your life and what better way to do that than to add colors in your tees. For your bottoms, a classic pair of blue jeans is always the best. You can pair it with any color and any type of top at the same time it is long lasting. Just r…