Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Wish Pt 2: Shoes

Summer Wish Pt 2: Shoes

April is almost over, and not even half of my summer wishlist is accomplished yet! But as I've been browsing through my favorite shoe websites, I've found what I've been looking for. It's funny how I find this kitten heels and the strappy heels so appealing these days. Suddenly, I find myself bored with all those platforms. I don't know why these sexy heels are just so inviting. I still haven't bought one though, but maybe soon. This year's color by the way is more on emeralds, and yes emeralds are just so lovely. But aside from that, I'm still the lover of the classic colors like the blues and nudes plus a miraculous addiction on the color royal violet and lavender. Okay, I'm still the pastel sucker, you can't blame me it's the feeling of lightness and youth that it gives me at the sight of it. Of course, the classic black pumps is eternal and thus the reason why I should acquire very soon!

Oopsies, my lusting for these babies are getting worse. I need to save up first!

PS- See you on the next post! 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sous le soleil

 At last, I've posted an outfit and outing post! This seldom happens so I'm so honored to have this kind of post. My grandma arrived from states ans sadly she's going back tomorrow so we decided to have a get together with my cousins and savor her last minute in the Philippines. Too bad the beach in Boston isn't as blue as in Cebu!
 My mom wants me to wear this multicolored maxi dress. I don't really feel like it but when I tried it on, it was super duper comfortable! So I'd like to acknowledge my mom's closet for this cutie patootie outfit! Hmmm, so I guess you know now who my fashion consultant and critique is? Hahaha.
 Apparently, the best smile is always seen under the heat of the sun. My natural spotlight!
 Coz I love my phantom readers this much, I'll share exclusive photos such as the pool view above and so are the photos below. The pool shot was taken by yours truly, and Green Lagoon is that inviting right? I'm not advertising but I am encouraging you to come and visit this place!
 I am so proud to say that I am my sister's stylist for today and people were admiring her outifit and I am so flattered! Hahahaaha. Am I now the Rachel Zoe in the making? And since I can't make it to Mexico and attend the Coachella Party, I'm bringing Coachella to Cebu by wearing boho!
 By the way ladies and gents, I present to you 1/8 of our clan. And I proudly introduce to you my beautiful grandma on the second photo from the left and she's beside me, her favorite grandchild (feeler much) :p
 This, by the way, is the proof of how much I love my little brother and his big fat tummy. Hahahaha. It's obvious because I can climb on his back this easily but too bad after the photo was taken he threw me away! Isn't he the sweetest? Hahahah
Meet my cousins! Sorry for the blurred photo though. :p Anyway, it was a fun day except for the almost disastrous event on the slide in the pool that day. My nose really hurts though, I just hope nothing serious happened to it.

Til the next post readers! Have a fun summer ahead :)))

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Summer Wish Pt.1: Tops

Summer Wish Pt.1: Tops

Hey, Hey, Hey! I finally found new stuff to post. Well, I hadn't had much time this sem to have some photoshoots done for my outfits because I was in my boring self this time. But anyway, enough about school and let's talk about fashion. I wasn't styling again in Polyvore but I'm virtual hunting for new things and you can curse me for redundancy but I'm loving my style.
This summer, I'm crazy about prints, mints, crops and lace. I find joy in the artsy fartsy of a lace and sheer top that comes so handy in a tropical country like the Philippines! I'm totally loco about the corset type of tops because it's so sexy but it secures all your private parts. Gosh, the fashion today! At least sexy now has a broad definition. Well, my problem now is to find the places where I can buy these kinds of designs. Hmmm...

I'll stop here for now. But don't fret! I'll be back for a new post soon :)

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