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Winter in the Tropics

Winter in the Tropics by chichonheels featuring blue shorts

Being placed in a country near the Equator, the chances of experiencing a white Christmas is second to none. And so, being one of the majority who would like to try wearing faux fur over coats and turtleneck pull-overs, I decided to splurge on winter clothing that can be worn in the tropics. Sounds peculiar, odd and out of this world? Yep. Exactly. But here are my few recommendations on how to feel the winter vibe in the sunny Philippines :)
(I'll enumerate the items from upper left to lower right )

1. Oversized pull-overs. These couture piece has been dominating the runway of this year's fashion weeks. Celebrities are seen wearing these pieces and well it does give you that winter feels because of its long sleeves but when you wear it with pencil skirts or shorts, it doesn't make you really feel that warm.
2. Button down polos layered with a pull-over- it can be worn as an office look of for rainy days on November a…


Hola! I thought that since I won't be able to give you the photos of our indoor shoot for #MrandMsTC2014, maybe a video blog would suffice for it. My mom took photos of the Behind the Scenes for our indoor shoot(thank God for that). And I threw in a few of my camera shots of what happened during the pageant night. Oh, if I might add..this is the first video I ever made my whole life using a movie maker and not just a camera video. Scussi for the low quality but a few more practices and I can make a good one (for sure :P). These photos did not make the cut for me to make a separate and detailed blog post for it, thus, the video. Hope you enjoy! :)

Off Duty

I can't offer you any #OOTD right now because for the whole week, I prefer staying indoors. And I can't also give you fashionable tips right now because I am in my school mode (says the girl who found time to practice putting on make-up. LOL). I wrote here today because I just want to simply write something. haha

Let's  just talk about life, shall we? Without the dictionary, I would refer to it as unpredictable. You can't seem to notice patterns for whatever will happen to you. Sometimes, you are happy and sometimes you are sad..yes that would be something we can always expect to happen. But eventually, you do not really when how long are you going to stay happy and how long are you going to stay sad.

And despite, that big laughing face in my photos, I cannot really say that I am as happy as I pretend to be and I am not sad either. I am in that thin line between happy and sad. My condition is indeterminate because I really do not know where I stand. I guess, neutral f…

Up Close

I was looking forward to this post since July. But then, these photos were not uploaded until recently. This was done when the officers of our organization decided to have profile shots and so we had it. Obviously, these were the times when I was still so fat because I neglected diet for a good six months. It is not so easy to hide though that I gained weight (see: chubby cheeks). I do not intend to center this blog post on how chubby my cheeks are but while we are at it why not talk about it? LOL. Ever since time immemorial, I have always been chubby, safe to say food is always part of my system. I remember when I was younger, whenever I go to out family physician to have my monthly check-up, my brother and I would always have a contest on the weighing scale to see who weighs more (haha!). Not only is my chubby cheeks so prominent in my facial features but even the double chin. I would not really consider have a chubby cheeks and double chin bane because it keeps me looking younger …