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I Brought Someone to the Finals!

I never thought I could coach a kid but I did! Schools Press Conference Competition is no easy feat. I mean everyone can write and the challenge is how to make your article stand out. For someone who has been writing non-stop for two years now ( thank you, Miss Lisa), I know how hard it is to mold words and come up with sensible sentences. 
For those of you who do not know it yet, I am an SEO writer by night and I thrive on making US businesses known by writing good articles about them. Do not get me wrong, I submit substandard writings too. :P And I never would imagine imparting such knowledge on writing to someone. I just do not think I am that skilled enough.
During the day, I teach and I used to coach for presscon competition and one of my babies, Eanna made it to the finals! It was held last February 19-24,2018.
Did I just go on a trip alone? Never in my whole life have I imagine going on a trip for this kind of competition. I mean I am fine going out with friends but not with th…

Something Personal: Things I Keep to Myself

Feelings Sometimes opinionated, most of the times neutral. I am one of the few people who can keep everything neutral including my real thoughts. I often find my words misinterpreted by many. Either I have this weird tone when I speak or people just do not find me that amiable. 
For years, I have been trying to adjust as to how I would want the world to see me. I tend to smile upon insults and rumors spread about me even if deep inside I am hurting. All for the sake of not being to hurt these people back. But eventually, I knew that I had to speak up. For the wrong words and for everything said about me. Even if that means having the world turn their back at me. 
Favorites I never share my passion and my favorites. I find myself selfish in keeping these beautiful to myself. I feel like having people share the same likes and dislikes is too close for comfort. I do not want seeing people wearing the same clothes as me nor having the same perfume as me. Heck, I do not even want people doi…