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2019: I'm coming back

Last year, I was writing my New Year's resolution in the poor-lit area of our home. I was writing it with somber feeling as I was loathing on the self-inflicted misery that I put my mind into. However, despite how dark that time of my life had been, there was no ounce of regret for my 2018. 
In summary, 2018 was what you call my personal exodus (EZodus, if i'm witty ;)). I left the comforts of home for the reason of self-improvement and real world training of survival of the fittest. Indeed, the past six months was a battle for survival. Being alone in a foreign place meant suppressing your feelings because there is no "mum" who will give you pep talks. It meant teaching yourself to be positive all the time because you need to battle your inner demons and depression has been on its peak this year. But the best thing about 2018 is that it taught me to be strong: emotionally and mentally and it taught me resilience (rEZilience as I call it). 
The past year was not eas…