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Behind the Spotlight

Of all the entries I posted, I find the topic that talks about myself the hardest. Although they say the only person who knows yourself best is you, still I'm  not sure if I really know me. Quite confusing right?

Ezra, that's what most people call me. The say I'm the happy-go-lucky kind of person. They also say that I'm a very nice person because I have an adorable personality. Another thing people knew about me is that I hate math as much as I love English and History. They knew about how much I love the color yellow. My friends always know how talkative I am that I even offend other people without knowing it.

See? I told you I'm not good at describing myself. Am I just stating the obvious or am I getting too conceited? Anyways, let's get back to the topic. But behind all these nuisance, the Ezra I'm talking about is more than just what all those people think about her. Aside from those mentioned above, as what I've known to myself is that I am a deep …
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Fashion for Less

To become a trendsetter, you don't have to spend much. When we think of fashion, first thing that comes in mind is money, lots of money. People always thought fashion costs a lot of money in order for one to afford it. Many go for brands and imported items, thinking no matter a dress looks like as long as it has Vuitton or Chanel on it they would look great.

But thats now how it really is guys. To become fabulous, you don't have to spend your month's salary just for a single dress. Because of the strong demand of clothes, shoes and bags, to compensate everyone's crave for vanity, many alternatives have popped out already. Now a days, we see a lot of thrift shops or commony known as "Ukay-Ukay". These shops, although they sell second-hand items, they still offer great choices of clothes for people with a wide variety of taste. And one very good advantage of thrift shopping is that we can buy as many things as we want without sacrificing our budget.

If we don&#…


These are the shoes that are worth dying for! hahaha



Solo Date

It’s not everybody who gets to experience being surprised by someone, or receive roses and chocolates from a guy and spend dinner dates on expensive restaurants, Not everybody also can get gifts from someone special and stroll around the park hand in hand with someone special. Who says, only those who got boyfriends can go on a date? Why can’t we single ladies take up the front seat and do things what everybody else can do? Though we are alone, still we can have fun. We go shopping for shoes, new clothes and bags (at the end of the day shopping still remains our first love). Ladies, treat yourself at the salon and spa and make yourself feel good with a massage, a foot spa and a new hair. Or you can even go to clubs and bars and restos and live your night life. Who know’s whose attention you could catch right? Dance the night away and enjoy, celebrate being single and be grateful for it. Thy not get yourself  a vacation or a cruise, perhaps in Hawaii or Guam. Enjoy the new environment a…

Knights in Shining Armour still exists

The up coming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is one proof that fairytales do come true. It’s so amazing to see how a commoner caught the eye of the bachelor prince of wales. With the engagement ring of an 18 karat sapphire, then who else could say that knights are only found in storybooks we used to read when we were still young?
April 29, 2011 is the day when those two hearts become as one. Everybody s invited to the royal wedding. Though rumors say that it’s gonna be simple yet elegant one without spending too much. But it sure promises a very memorable night for the new King and Queen of Wales. Sending them all the best wishes. :)


One of the most important problem our society is facing today is the threatening wrath of nature. Tsunamis, earthquakes, super typhoons, hurricanes and fires are the most important evidences of Mother Nature’s rage. have you ever wondered why these happened more frequently than they are expected? Mankind has been careless in taking care of the habitat they have been living. when the world was young and people used to live a simple life, there had been no problems in balancing the ecosystem. But ever since the scientific revolution began where technology had been introduced to the public, then the use of machines and computers were unstoppable. Because of the wonderful benefits these technologies, man have seemed to be so dependent with these. Then they began to forget about the natural world. The existence of plants and animals and their roles in sustaining life on earth. Cutting trees and slaughtering of animals for them was just like playing, thinking those are infinite. What is badly…