Solo Date

It’s not everybody who gets to experience being surprised by someone, or receive roses and chocolates from a guy and spend dinner dates on expensive restaurants, Not everybody also can get gifts from someone special and stroll around the park hand in hand with someone special.
Who says, only those who got boyfriends can go on a date? Why can’t we single ladies take up the front seat and do things what everybody else can do? Though we are alone, still we can have fun. We go shopping for shoes, new clothes and bags (at the end of the day shopping still remains our first love). Ladies, treat yourself at the salon and spa and make yourself feel good with a massage, a foot spa and a new hair. Or you can even go to clubs and bars and restos and live your night life. Who know’s whose attention you could catch right? Dance the night away and enjoy, celebrate being single and be grateful for it. Thy not get yourself  a vacation or a cruise, perhaps in Hawaii or Guam. Enjoy the new environment and go soul searching.
A date doesn’t necessarily mean hanging out between a boy and a girl sharing an intimate relationship. It could also mean spending time with ourselves and think things over. Matter of fact, love starts if we learn to love ourselves. And we don’t fret if we are loveless today, someone’es always destined for us, we just have ton wait. And while waiting, enjoy every moment of it and do things you wish without exceeding your limits. I f you take a closer look, solo dates are the best yet!


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