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From Eden

This my friends, is my first official ever in my whole twenty-one years of existence! And you know what they say " once tasted, always wanted"---in this context, I was on the verge of vowing to live forever in the island and throw away all my #richandfamous goals. Bantayan Island is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear water and the moment I saw it, the first sentence I uttered was "PARADISE IS REAL!!". haha. Imagine I said it in the tone of "hail hydra" lol (s/0 to captain America: civil war). Okay, back to the topic, so there I was so amazed at how beautiful the beach was and how genius God is for creating this one piece of heaven on earth.

I took this photo in one of the islands we visited and I apologize if I forgot the name of the island. Just like Bantayan, the beach was heavenly and well the tide is unpredictable. But I do not mind at all swimming on the beach all day and frying my skin to dark brown. I saw this rock not far from w…