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I am a School Girl

Summer days are almost over, so I'm getting ready for my academic outfits. I promised myself to change my fashion for this coming school year. Well, I'm changing for a number of reasons: one is because I don't wanna be an attraction in our campus, second is I don't wanna give an impression to people that makes them feel intimidated and third is because I wanna try a laid-back chic fashion for the whole of first semester. As much as I want to bring out the stylist in me, I have to hold back my creative outfits because it's not fit for school. The only remedy I have is to innovate my fashion but still with a touch of vintage (which has always been a part of my daily outfit).

This time I opted for much simpler ones aside from my lazy days outfits that consist a simple shirt, jeans and a flat shoes or a my pair of vans. Like the Androgyny looks, these are the outfits that are a bit boyish by adding some blazer or jackets but you still look pretty and stylish in it. An…

Fierce in Print

Fierce in Print by chichonheels featuring leather handbags
I actually have an account at (visit me by clicking here) because as we all know I am a frustrated stylist so I do my virtual styling in there. It's like my stress reliever to style clothes that I wish to wear in the near future. So, this post is all about my audacious venture on wearing prints and vibrant colors. I chose those leopard print shorts to help enhance the mint colored cropped top and then neutralize the whole outfit by adding beige and dark brown accessories and a black aviator shades. So what do you, guys, think about the outfit? :)

Monochromatic Summer

Monochromatic Summer by chichonheels featuring a metallic eyeshadow
Rag bone cotton shirt
$80 -

J Brand skinny leg jeans
$323 -

Betsey Johnson ankle strap sandals
$95 -

Stella mccartney handbag
$1,079 -

Aurélie Bidermann enamel bangle
$1,700 -

Ten Thousand Things cluster necklace
$515 -

Linea Pelle Collection tribal jewelry
$78 -

Friis Company resin jewelry
€13 -

Yves Saint Laurent metallic eyeshadow
$52 -

Ferris Wheel Print Carnival Wall Art - Nice Day For A Ride - summer...
$30 -

So I was styling some clothes in my account at and here it is! :)

Groovin in Heels

People may not know it but I really love to dance. It's like my hobby, exercise and my passion, all in one. I've learned several dances through watching repetitively the music videos in youtube and later on make my own moves on some songs. As far as I can remember I've mastered Jai Ho by Pussycat Dolls, Drop it low by Ester Dean, International Love by Chris Boriw ft. Pitbull and now I am trying to learn at least four songs: Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez, Don't wanna go Home by Jason Derulo, More by Usher and Turn up the Music by Chris Brown. I don't know what's got into me that I decided to revive my dancer self. For almost the whole week now, I've spent my mornings dancing these songs and I really do hope that I've made some improvements in learning those steps all in the same time. But this time I wanted to do something different, I wanted to dance these while wearing 5-inch heels. Isn't that cool? I mean it has always been my dream to dance on a…


I am no make-up artist. But one afternoon, there was this sudden surge in me to try it out. I was kinda bored and I invited my yaya to this something crazy and that is to learn how to put make-up. Of course, as a newbie I went to youtube to observe how girls put on their make-up. So I chose to try on a bronze-smokey eye. I know I am so daring to name it such when as a matter of fact it didn't go exactly that way. It was so funny because the black eye shadow smudged on my face. I know, I know I told you I'm no good in these things. Hahaha. I used a lot of earth-toned colors in here like dark brown,  black, light brown/beige, and a bit of orangey-brown color and layered them on top of the other. Then of course I had an eye-liner. Put on a little blush-on and a light pink lipstick. I know it isn't that clear in the pictures  because I had to make some necessary edits in order for it to look presentable. I might look a clown if you see the raw photos. Anyway, I hope you guys …

A Lively Fashion

Okay, I really don't find the drama series "Gossip Girl" interesting at first.  Until I got the chance to watch it on a regular basis because I'd rather watch it than watching the evening news. And when I began to understand the flow of the story, that's when I started appreciating the show. 
Serena van der Woodsen--a young stunning elite on the high-end streets of Manhattan is one of the main characters in Gossip Girl. She's an epitome of what every girl wanted to be. Blake Lively, who is portraying the role of Serena, executes her role perfectly. In real life, her role as Serena isn't so far from being Blake. She shops, she's parties, she's an elite. The reason why later on I became a huge fan of Blake Lively. I adore her taste in shoes, her fashion and style, her everything. What made me love her more is when the famous shoe designer Christian Louboutin send her a whole packaged of the yet to be released shoes for his Spring Collection. Isn…

Wavin my flag

Wavin my flag by chichonheels featuring skinny leg jeans
Sheer top
$38 -

True Religion skinny leg jeans
€389 -

Strap sandals
£120 -

AX Paris suede platform shoes
£33 -

Z Spoke by Zac Posen satchel bag
$650 -

LORD TAYLOR hammered jewelry
$400 -

14 karat gold jewelry
$799 -

Wildfox Couture flower jewelry
€89 -

Dorothy Perkins mesh jewelry
$27 -

Collar jewelry

My Ten Most Wanted

It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Sorry for that guys. :) Now that I am back, I'm gonna write about the ten things that I wanted the most as of the moment.

blue high waist skinny jeans

I don't know if you have noticed that I am so addicted to earth colors and with a bit of bright ones. It's kinda obvious in my past posts, well the reason is I don't know also. For me blue and beige brings out the sexy in you. They are simple colors that enhances your skin tone. And the only two bright colors that I really love aside from pink are yellow and orange. This year I am trying to add a little color in my fashion palette and these two are just the perfect ones. The things I posted above are really my fashion must haves as of the moment. So I wish sooner or later I can have all these.