Sunday, July 6, 2014

Raison d'etre

 Remember the reason why I call this blog "Speak and Style"? Perhaps you don't anymore, but last June 27,2014, I was given the opportunity to put the speak in speak and style ;) I was tasked to host a major event in our college and I happily obliged.
 For someone who has always been on the backstage of everything, I guess given the chance to host this event two years in a row is a big accomplishment for a newbie in the hosting club. I feel honored to grace this event because it is one of the reason why I couldn't consider my college life a bore. Occasional adrenaline rush made decisions are healthy, only if those are for your benefit ;) trust me!
 If you ask my thoughts on how I felt during the entire show, I felt at ease. Maybe because I have always dreamed to come up on stage and talk? Or because I always envisioned myself ever since I was in first year that one day, I would be one of the hosts in a major school event. Who would have thought that those daydreams will turn into reality? I am beyond blessed to have tick that off in my bucketlist. Hmmmmm...makes me wonder what is in store for me next? :D

As for my outfit that day, I decided to wear a pale blue drape dress and my camo heels (though, I removed it right after because my feet hurts already). I like the design of the dress personally because the material was silky and simple but it screams elegance. Perhaps, my style has always been I wonder why do I call myself stylish again? Hahaha. Well, I love fashion but this blog is not called speak and style if I don't speak through  my outfits, right?

PS--makes we want to put the cliche of xoxo, speakandstyle ;)

Dress: Maldita
Heels/Flats: Primadonna
Credits to: Malur Yonac, Florence Bornales and my mom!
MUA: Jerica Pelaez

Thursday, July 3, 2014


 Since when did I become so rebellious? I don't know but the whole black parade just shows off a different side.I woke up and saw how gloomy it was and decided that I should just go with the weather. Well, if you feel comfortable in a t-shirt, why not?
 There are two key pieces in my outfit today, it is the soccer-player like t-shirt and the black sandals. I think I saw Miley Cyrus and Adidas and Nike Models sporting on these kind of tees and I just find it so chic that I decided to do my take on this trend. As much as I want to be so stylish, I don't want to break rules so I have to settle with a plain black jeans. But it worked, right?
 I hate how I find it hard to look fierce in my photos. I feel like there is a need to project more with dramatic eyes and dark lipstick. But I hate wearing make-up on daily basis, I feel like it is too much of a hassle for me. So I have (and you too) to deal with this! haha
 Luckily, I found this spacious white wall where I can put a contrast to this all black outfit and definitely make a hit photoshoot. And we did!
 What I love the most about the shoes is that it looks like what Chiara Ferragni usually wears in her outfit. At least, if I can't be like her, then I could just look like her! hahaha.
 Mostly, I am proud of my efforts in dressing up now and having this #ootd because I miss blogging and I miss my ghost readers and fans (just let me think I have one :P)
 This is for you guys, soon I will do better when I get the chance to have a shoot again with my friends :)
Thank you for the support and the never ending visits at speakandstyle :) much love from me, always ♥

Top: Hollister
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Mendrez
Credits: Ceska Marie Apalla

The Chess Player

Checkered is it for the season! You have seen the Louis Vuitton collection and they just rocked the checkered mania. Hail to the rise of prints because we can be more stylish now than ever. I chose to wear this ensemble for one Wednesday because I just felt like going to school being stylish. Not to forget, I want to have my new white mules out for a spin. I bought these mules (see the white pointed shoes) because I feel like a million bucks in it. At first glance, it was edgy at the same time stylish. When you are into fashion, you just feel like you have to evolve your style every now and then. Considering that I am saying goodbye to my "teen" years soon, I felt like I should up my game and these shoes helped me a lot. So this outfit is screaming for a cool kid feel, hence, the reason for this grungy, Lorde-ish kind of drama because I just feel like. What I like most about this look is the fact that despite how monochromatic the colors are, they seem to complement each other without giving you the boring look.

Top: Penshoppe
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Primadonna
Credits to: Ceska Marie Apalla 

Things I will never Tell Anyone

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