Since when did I become so rebellious? I don't know but the whole black parade just shows off a different side.I woke up and saw how gloomy it was and decided that I should just go with the weather. Well, if you feel comfortable in a t-shirt, why not?
 There are two key pieces in my outfit today, it is the soccer-player like t-shirt and the black sandals. I think I saw Miley Cyrus and Adidas and Nike Models sporting on these kind of tees and I just find it so chic that I decided to do my take on this trend. As much as I want to be so stylish, I don't want to break rules so I have to settle with a plain black jeans. But it worked, right?
 I hate how I find it hard to look fierce in my photos. I feel like there is a need to project more with dramatic eyes and dark lipstick. But I hate wearing make-up on daily basis, I feel like it is too much of a hassle for me. So I have (and you too) to deal with this! haha
 Luckily, I found this spacious white wall where I can put a contrast to this all black outfit and definitely make a hit photoshoot. And we did!
 What I love the most about the shoes is that it looks like what Chiara Ferragni usually wears in her outfit. At least, if I can't be like her, then I could just look like her! hahaha.
 Mostly, I am proud of my efforts in dressing up now and having this #ootd because I miss blogging and I miss my ghost readers and fans (just let me think I have one :P)
 This is for you guys, soon I will do better when I get the chance to have a shoot again with my friends :)
Thank you for the support and the never ending visits at speakandstyle :) much love from me, always ♥

Top: Hollister
Jeans: Forever21
Shoes: Mendrez
Credits: Ceska Marie Apalla


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