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Pairs of Print

Howdy y'all? It was a rainy wednesday and I opted for this long-sleeved print and my simple rugged jean with my red loafers. Okay, I understand it's kinda disappointing to see my post below the creative/artistic/ threshold of a fashion blogger. But you have to understand though, that I still don't have a car as of the moment, so we (that includes me and you) should bear with the simplictiy of my outfits. hahaha. defensive much?

Anyway, back to my outfit post, I know I know printed shirts are so much of a cliche these days. You see people wearing it every now and then. So at a glance there's nothing much special if you wear one. But what I find cool in this top is that the print is somehow in between a leopard print and a snake skin print. Do you agree? And well, this is my thing. It's sultry but it's not directly sultry. Weird?

I don't know if you notice it though, but the cut of this top is kinda fitting and as well as the material used it's body fit …

18 and Legal

How are you guys? After a very long time, now I've found something worth blogging for! Hahaha. What a lame excuse to cover up for the times that I've been so busy with school. But anyway, the best news yet was that my friend just had her debut last sunday. Credits for an early post, what you think? Hahaha. Anyway, so last sunday night was at least a "chill night" for us her college friends because we had the chance to get away with academic problems (but not really, suppress could be the right term)  to celebrate the formal legalization of  Ceska. There were dancing, singing (thanks to Shiela who stole the show and didn't even give me a chance to show off my voice. HAHAHA. kidding!) and eating of course!

Oh,  and before I forgot those three girls up there in the photo are one of USC's finest and I say that with full authority because seldom can we find girls these days who possesses both beauty and brains and those three are the epitome of such. 
Moving forward…