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Wednesday Girls

Last Wednesday, me and my friend decided to do something bold with our wash day outfits. So we decided to go with the color-blocking trend in fashion today. As for me, the one in an striped-orange polo and an electric blue harem pants, I am so in love with this color combination because the two just complements each other. And the accessories I chose both enhanced and neutralize the color of my outfit. The pink necklace enhanced the color orange and the brown flats neutralized the whole outfit. This time, I didn't come alone all dress up on a beautiful wednesday morning, my friend Sunshine came up stunning with her bloody red skinnies and this beautiful vintage top. Don't they just match each other perfectly too? The aztec-inspired necklace made the outfit more edgy and chic.

But guys, if you must know, we might have dressed up this glam but our bags ruined our fashion statement. It's funny how we carry those heavy bags because our schedule that time was full of books. An…


First of all, I owe my readers an apology for not updating my blog ever since forever. You know I was so absorbed with all those academic stuffs and seriously, I haven't even have time pampering myself. This is sad news (for me). But anyways, even though I was busy I still took time taking photos of what I wore during our wash day which is every during wednesday. And as you can see, it isn't any blogger look at all, it's just a combination of different tees, an overused jeans and my trustee red loafers and my favorite Vans as well. What I love about all these is that, they are so comfortable to wear. You know that you don't have to have poise all the time or act too slow and lady-like.
I have to end this quick post here because I still have tons of papers that needs to be done! I'll update you soon for the latest happenings in my fashion life! :*