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Mon Reve

I woke up this morning and the first thing that came into my mind is my dream house. Though, it has been in my mind for several years already, it just came into me to share it to you (hihi. why not? :>) Anyway, basically I really wanted a glass house. Of course, not the over exposed-transparent-see-through glass house type. Who would want that, when people see everything in your house? Wouldn't you feel naked even though you're all wrapped up with your clothes and all? (hahaa. kidding) Today, I just feel like posting this because I can't wait to make all these come true, but patience is still a virtue I know. But just this time, allow me to show you what I want to have 10 years from now :)

Here's how it will look like more or less


My futuristic bedroom

I know, I know, this looks a bit disheveled as of the moment but of course I'm planning to hire and interior designer to decorate my house and leave the landscaping and building of it to the archite…

Shabby Sheer

Sheer has become most women's default mode of sexy today. And Sheer made us look seductive but in a discreet manner. No wonder, why it has become a trend in the fashion world today. Aside from the inevitable change brought about by the renaissance of sheer fashion, it is also very comfortable to wear considering its loose and flowy cotton which is why women prefer to wear these type of clothing.

I've summed up some of my readings to this certain conclusion about Sheer: 1. It deals about how you wear it

Wearing sheer dresses, tops, skirts or pants takes a lot of effort and confidence for you to nail an outfit. Because no matter how great your chose sheer piece is, but if you don't know how to bring and handle it, it will remain unappreciated and you'll just look someone who's going with the trend but doesn't really know what's going on in the fashion world 
2. Sheers are still Decent Just because you're showing skin doesn't mean it indecorous already to…

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