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In case you haven't noticed, I've been changing my blog name a million times already. I started to be know as, then later on changed it into and now Honestly, I've been changing names because I find it not suitable to me and my personality, that's why I try to think of other names incessantly. Now, I've found the perfect one (and I do hope it is), I'm gonna change it into SPEAK AND STYLE. You might wonder why? Because I'm girl who loves to talk anything under the sun and I love styling clothes, I'm a frustrated fashionista by the way. I hope I can still entice readers to my blog with my new name. See you soon everyone.

Heel Advisory

As I was reading through an old Reader's Digest (March 2002) issue, I saw something that caught my eye. Something about wearing high heels, and I just thought I had to share it to you guys especially to all the heels lovers out there.

Here's the exact quote from the magazine
Women, you're not ding your legs any favours by wearing those fashionable wide-heeled shoes instead of stilleto heels, according to Harvard researchers. Using a barefoot stride for comparison, the researchers recorded the jump in knee stress as 20 women walked in shoes. Heels at least five centimeters tall-regardless of width-boosted pressure by about 24 per cent. The doctors say you're off better sticking with flats. ---
I know this is such a disappointing news, but I guess we can all still wear heels but with moderation. It isn't bad to feel tall once in a while right? :D

Twirly Swirly Gumdrums

White top and Pink Skirt: Random finds Necklace: from my friend Shoes: Aldo Photography c/o Ushabelle Bongo
I was feeling a bit girly and preppy that day so I decided to put on a bright neon pink skirt and neutralize it with a simple white top. I kinda liked the combination that made it look classy. The pink skirt put on the summery twist on the outfit as well. This was done on the last day of class as our way of distressing with my friends. :)

Coachella Chic

Floral Sheer dress: Blueberry Cheesecake White Shorts: Gap Nude Pumps: Aldo Accessories: from my friends :D
My look is coachella inspired. A mixture of earth-toned colors with a touch of prints in it. The thing that I love about my look is that it's fashionable, chic with a touch of class in it. The sheer dress made the sexy twist in the outfit. I wore this on the last day of class for this sem for my Eng3 finals. 

Down to Earth

You might wonder why am I posting all this dull colored sundries. Well, for me I'm really addicted to earth colors in my fashion palette these days. If you see me strolling around the mall, you will never see me in a multi-colored neon shirt or whatsoever you call that. For me, I'm more cool with a nude lose shirt and a mint shorts or a white one. This is the very reason why I am displaying and all white-all black-all beige-a bit of mint colored items. Pardon me for such a mediocre post but I was kinda bored and I had to write this boredom down or else I'll go crazy thinking what to do just to kill my time.