In case you haven't noticed, I've been changing my blog name a million times already. I started to be know as, then later on changed it into and now Honestly, I've been changing names because I find it not suitable to me and my personality, that's why I try to think of other names incessantly. Now, I've found the perfect one (and I do hope it is), I'm gonna change it into SPEAK AND STYLE. You might wonder why? Because I'm girl who loves to talk anything under the sun and I love styling clothes, I'm a frustrated fashionista by the way. I hope I can still entice readers to my blog with my new name. See you soon everyone.


  1. I have never changed my blog website or my blog name :p
    But it is creative of you to change with another name depending on your personality :)

    Follow my blog at

    1. Hey you should try it too! There's no harm in changing it anyway :)


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