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On a Perpetual State of Neutrality

As I am writing this blog, you should know that I am in a trance of Sam Smith's "Too Good at Goodbyes" and I have my new favorite coffee with me. Hence, anything written in this post could be in the midst of a heightened anger or a surge of overwhelming feeling.

But all the niceties aside, my point of writing is that I feel open and exposed. Lately, I have been learning the art of smiling and laughing out loud. Laughing at small things. Smiling at stupid situations and even at my own mistakes. Although for a person who has always been composed and my emotions bottled up, this is quite liberating.
Freely letting people in, in my life is a big leap of faith. I hate having too many human beings inside my small territory. I hate having people know my likes and dislikes because by then, I might have made an emotional investment and even creating connections with strangers. This is a part of growing up. Inevitable even. But I hate this transition period.

It is terrifying but …