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6 Must Have Stylish bags

Hola! I am back with my weekly list of fashion favorites. This week, I will do a rundown of my 5 favorite bags and 1 folio bag.

I shall not keep you waiting. Here are some of my personal picks:
1. Tote bags
Before, I was not really a big fan of totes because I find it too boring and too simple. But now, when my grandmother gave me a new Calvin Klein tote bag, I learned to appreciate its beauty. I realized that the essence of a tote bag is to make your everyday easy. I mean, when I used my tote bag it was really light and even if it had a lot of things inside, it is not too bulky and heavy on my shoulder. This is the main reason why tote bags are my current obsession for my daily use.
2. Bucket bag When I first saw this bucket bag, I was not fully impressed by its design. However, what caught my attention was that there are bucket bags that are structured and made by good leather quality and that is what makes it look better. I am still on the pursuit of finding the perfect bag of thi…

9 Shoes women must have in their life

It is summer and now I can write on the blog again! I am back with some posts that lingers on my mind these past few days and it is all about shoes, bags, beauty and so many more. I have tons of things to share to you about my latest obsessions and fashion trends you need to watch out for this year.

And I am here with my top picks for shoes that are timeless in their designs and does not fade through the season. Let us start the countdown, shall we?
1. Pointed Heels Probably, Jimmy Choo and Valentino are the two famous brands known for their classic pump shoes design. And personally, I love their designs. Before, I thought pointed toes pump shoes are for the old and employed but over the years, it has proven that they are more stylish than the platforms. I own quite a few pairs and I must say they make most outfits elegant and classy. Do you have one pair of pointed shoes in your closet? ;)

2. Chunky Heels So I am a downer for these kinds of shoes and that is because they make it e…