9 Shoes women must have in their life

 It is summer and now I can write on the blog again! I am back with some posts that lingers on my mind these past few days and it is all about shoes, bags, beauty and so many more. I have tons of things to share to you about my latest obsessions and fashion trends you need to watch out for this year.

And I am here with my top picks for shoes that are timeless in their designs and does not fade through the season. Let us start the countdown, shall we?
1. Pointed Heels
Probably, Jimmy Choo and Valentino are the two famous brands known for their classic pump shoes design. And personally, I love their designs. Before, I thought pointed toes pump shoes are for the old and employed but over the years, it has proven that they are more stylish than the platforms. I own quite a few pairs and I must say they make most outfits elegant and classy. Do you have one pair of pointed shoes in your closet? ;)

2. Chunky Heels
So I am a downer for these kinds of shoes and that is because they make it easy to wear heels even if you have to walk a mile. It gives me the chance to wear heels even though I am in school or walking in the streets without breaking my toe nails or hurting my foot.

4. Lace up flats
Okay, I am a little bit emotional for these shoes because the best of these are sold by Aquazzura and Jeffrey Campbell which is too expensive for my bank account. But to say that these shoes are gorgeous is an understatement. I mean you can go from day to night with this one and I would like to own a pair of these before summer ends. #beschoolready

5. Classic flats
Aldo and Charles and Keith maybe the two shoe brands that I know that sells amazing flats. This one preferably is something that has been on my list but I still have not found the courage to buy these and I have not visited the mall for a long time. Oh well >.<

6. Sandals
Because it is summer, we all need one for the beach, for the long walks and for the hot summer sun. We need something very comfortable! :)
7. Lace up heels
This is a lovely pair to own don't you think? If you like to party, this is a great dancing shoes albeit a bit painful but beauty needs a little sacrifice. I am still in search for my perfect lace up shoes and maybe I will find them in the mall or in the internet but I will find it.

8. Nude heels
My default fashionable stiletto will always be beige or skin tone. I like the way how it blends with my skin and it makes my feet look sexy. Have you tried seeing your feet in the mirror while wearing a beige high heels? Imagine how it makes your feet look longer, smaller and sexier. That is the perfect heels for me.

9. Strappy Heels
This is also another type of sexy heels that is comfortable to wear. It may bear a lot of skin but it definitely makes your toes and toe nails look beautiful. But, when you wear these strappy heels you have to make sure that your feet suits the shoes perfectly or else it might be a disaster for you.


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