2019: I'm coming back

Last year, I was writing my New Year's resolution in the poor-lit area of our home. I was writing it with somber feeling as I was loathing on the self-inflicted misery that I put my mind into. However, despite how dark that time of my life had been, there was no ounce of regret for my 2018. 
In summary, 2018 was what you call my personal exodus (EZodus, if i'm witty ;)). I left the comforts of home for the reason of self-improvement and real world training of survival of the fittest. Indeed, the past six months was a battle for survival. Being alone in a foreign place meant suppressing your feelings because there is no "mum" who will give you pep talks. It meant teaching yourself to be positive all the time because you need to battle your inner demons and depression has been on its peak this year. But the best thing about 2018 is that it taught me to be strong: emotionally and mentally and it taught me resilience (rEZilience as I call it). 
The past year was not eas…

Twenty and then Some

Finally, a birthday blog! It has been my lifetime wish to publish a birthday blog with some badass photos to show. And voila, here it is!

This birthday special post is intended to list down twenty four life lessons I have learned the past years. When you are in your mid-twenties, life is starting to become more exciting. Well, at least for me. I took a leap of faith in a world unknown. I never felt this free since the declaration of the 1987 Constitution ( ahem, see the smart joke inserted there ;)).

Hence, let the countdown to twenty four things learn at 24 begins.

Personal Care
1. I do not consider myself vain but I believe in smelling good. As years go by, I have developed a certain obsession to perfumes and good smelling bath and body essentials. You should too. It makes you feel good, look better and just become more optimistic to life ;)

2. Make up does not have to be fancy. A good primer, moisturizer and some BB Cream can go a long way. And if you are feeling extra, choose a go…

Let's Get Personal on E-day

Fact: My favorite day is October 8. I don't know why but I always find this day special. When I was younger and naive, this was my ideal wedding date. But forget that now, I just give myself some lovin on this day.

Since, I have told you about the significance of such date, I decided to give you some good loving blog update. Tonight, as I'm putting myself to sleep with a can of beer (it has been the only way to sleep peacefully apart from cough medicine), I will let you in my private life. We will talk mainly about two things: love online and  !

1. Love online is a hoax
Imagine you woke up late for the day, you only have 20 minutes to prepare everything and you just grab whatever you see and go out. You did not bother to check if that is what you really need and if that is what you want to bring with you for the day. That's just like swiping right to that social dating app you just downloaded.

Everyone looks pretty and goodlooking. They got the perfect description laid ou…

Life Update: Thankful and Hopeful

On to my fourth month of being alone and I could not be more happier and sadder at the same time. Until recently, homesickness has not dawn on me until I started craving for the S&R chicken ceasar salad, that potato corner BBQ fries and my spontaneous trips to the cafe. I have been meaning to write about my whole early September shenanigans but I just could not seem to pull my thoughts together.

Today, I am in the mood to put down my thoughts into writing while basking on the pure goodness of Hozier playlist. I may be divulging more details than necessary in case the Hozier fever will take me on a celestial level.

Life update: 1. I got me a travel blog writing job. Again, the regular Ezra is back at it again. Hoarding jobs and usually from two different fields. I love this part time job as I am writing again and I am getting to explore more places just by reading and researching. 
2. I am still apprehensive about taking the yoga class. The yoga instructor is a guy and I am not co…

Just A Quick Write Up

It has officially been two months of being alone! I cannot help but feel really excited about this whole incognito vibe I am in. You see, social media has been making a trend out of quarter life crisis and I might have just caught such mental fever. 
Life can be very overwhelming especially when your control over your emotions is still too young and naive. And that is what I am feeling right now. We see people moving on with their lives and actually feeling every bit of the thrill that our youth can offer. Whereas, when I look at the mirror and see my own reflection, I feel like I am going nowhere. 
You see, when it comes to listing goals and achieving them, trust me I am 1/3 on it already. But the perfectionist in me kills the vibe and that's making me sad because I still am not good enough. On days, I even feel sorry for myself for being such a loser in dealing with life. Hence, the reason why I left everything behind to start over and make something out of myself alone. But no…

Something Personal: The Ultimate Solo Flight

Though I originally planned to post this on my Tumblr account, but I could not access it at the moment so I will post this here.

One weekend, I took the plane and head out somewhere unfamiliar. It was just me and I have no idea what I am doing with my life. However, here are some life skills that I have managed to whip out in an instant:

1. Common Sênse
Perhaps solo trips have taught me so much about common sense. In any country that you will be in, you will read a different language and mingle with people who cannot speak a common language. And the closest thing that you can depend on is Google Translate and of course, your common sense.

Be quick in getting your phone and show a picture or translation of the question that you are asking. But when you are desperate to get out of your situation, then you better use your common sense. If your hotel pick up, forgot to fetch you, you should know what to do. If you need to have your money changed, you better not lose sight of money exchan…

Not Too Good with Goodbyes

If you are my student and you are reading this, you are probably wondering why or if you already have a hint about what this post would be then you might find some answers to your questions ;) The school year has ended and my days in Southcrest is ending as well. It was a short and sweet stay but it was one whole year full of meaning and joy.

For months, people are asking me how, why, what and where because of my decision to not pursue another year in the school. As much as I would want to give out a definite answer to everyone, I could not. Mainly because I am not sure of where life would take me. All I know is that I need to go incognito. I need to disappear from the familiar for a while.

I have been aching to embark on something new and unfamiliar. Somewhere I do not know and test my survival skills. I want to see how fearless I am when I am not in my comfort zone. I want to test myself as to how far am I willing to go in order to find that endless pursuit of happiness and content…