Sunday, August 6, 2017

Things I will never Tell Anyone

 1. I am criticizing you in my mind
No, I am not judging you. I just have the disease of wanting everything to be perfect even if it will never be. I wanted everyone to fit in my standards even if we all know this is impossible. But, I do it anyway.

My mind is both heaven and hell. It can be filled with the most beautiful things and my imagination can go beyond awesome but it can turn into something horrific in a split second too. It all depends on my mood. I can destroy everything-- even my life in one minute once my mind starts thinking dark things. And that is the scary part of me.

 2. I wish I had so much confidence
One of my biggest water loo is the lack of self-confidence. For years, I have been trying to figure out why I always shy away from social gatherings and why I feel suffocated when there are more than three people in a room. I hate being in a crowd unless it is an unfamiliar one. I hate mingling with people. I always have the notion that socializing means faking everything. And I simply detest the thought of it.

But all these excuses of socializing boils down to one reason: I don't have confidence. I do not see myself as someone who would want to be a crowd pleaser. I cannot pretend that I am interested in listening to the latest gossip. I cannot even pretend to talk like the smartest person in the room because I am simply like that. My lack of confidence is making me aloof.

Reading this article, you might think that I am talking nonsense. But in a world polluted with people who are full of themselves, we just need to keep up with the competition of being your boss' favorite or being miss goody two shoes. Forgive me, but can work ethics and skills be the reason why we succeed in life?
 3. I suck at multitasking
Ever since I finished college, I have been practicing the art of multitasking and letting go of the useless pursuit of perfection. But guess what? I constantly fail.

I just could not serve two masters at the same time. And every time I fail, I get disappointed easily. My disappointment turns into depression and I get the conclusion of how much of a loser I am.

But lately, now that I am being put to test with the current situation, I figured that there is no other way but to get through all of this mess. It is a matter of projection and convincing myself that things will turn out fine in the end.

4. I have spent have of my blog entry looking down at myself
But you know what is amazing? I may be doubting myself in the past years but I still keep on fighting for the day wherein I will see the best version of me. I hope I am doing enough every single day to improve and be better than who I was yesterday. I accept that I am one of the most flawed individuals on earth today but it does not make me less of a person. My flaws and my scars are proof that I am doing something in my life. My disappointments are proof that I challenging myself to go out of my comfort zone.

Today, I may be struggling but I know tomorrow, this will all make sense. Sorry for an emotional rant on the blog. I just realized how I desperately need that "pep" talk with myself to keep me sane from all the demands of my daily endeavor.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Quick Southern Getaway

Last Labor Day Weekend, we had an impromptu out of town trip to Alcoy with the family. We needed a break from stress, school and work and nothing can do that better than the beach. We spent a night at the Manawa Beach Resort. I must say that this quaint resort has the complete amenities any tourist would need.

If you like a spacious, comfortable and air-conditioned room, they just have the perfect rooms for you. Moreover, if you want to have a perfect view of the sunset and the sunrise, their man-made cliff will give you the best spot. All these at a very comfortable price!

Early morning by the beach is one of the many moments you should experience at least once in your life. While waiting for high tide and watching the sunrise, nothing is more soothing than hearing the sound of the waves crashing to the shores. By just the sound of it, your brain involuntarily lets go of your stress and anger you had in the past week.

Before we ended our trip in Alcoy, we made sure to stop by Tingko Beach. It is the famous public white sand beach in Alcoy. Indeed, the sand and the water is captivating. But its beauty has been ruined because there were too many people. The cottages were placed anywhere, trashes were just thrown on the sand and there was even a sari-sari stored placed just inches before the beach. I feel sad for the environment :(

That impromptu beach weekend just made me realize the need of breathing once in a while. My life is as busy as the bee. I teach in the morning, do an extracurricular activity before going home and finally write few articles before going to sleep. This mundane routine has taken its toll to me. The beach and the view really helped me relax and enjoy life once in a while.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

March Madness

So the best friend and I had an impulsive spending on concert tickets. It was on March 5, 2017, that she actually messaged me telling to watch the Air Supply concert with her on Tuesday that same week. I was telling her that we should watch the concert but at the back of my mind, I was thinking about my savings. The tickets cost a fortune (considering us being nillionaires) and so it was quite a risk to spend thousand/s of peso for a two-hour show. Nevertheless, she prompted me on a peculiar way of thinking saying: THIS CONCERT IS ONCE IN A LIFETIME. WE HAVE TO WATCH IT BEFORE THE DUO GETS TOO OLD TO SING FOR A CROWD. And yes, the lame excuse made me say YES.

We had the tickets and we lined up for the show. We drank two cups of coffee before the show and we fangirled during and after the concert. We had videos in almost all their songs and we were singing the whole night through. But let me highlight some important parts of the show: the Opening number, the closing song and their timeless rendition of Making Love Out of Nothing At all. 

They surprised us with a very lively song of Sweet Dreams and touched our heart with All Out of love for the closing. But, let me get to the part where they sang Making Love out of Nothing At All. Undeniably, this one of my favorite songs because the second stanza is worth memorizing for. If you listen to the video (click the video or check out my youtube: here) you will hear us singing live. 

To top it all, I had no regrets spending a lot for this one night of pure fun. It was even better because I get to share it with Raffy. :)

CREDITS: IPAD and Raffy's phone

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time and Tide | November Issue

Hello there! How are you? It has been a long time since I posted a new entry on the blog. I just have no time yet to create good blog entries to share. However, I have here raw photos on some of my "small" adventures in the past few weeks. They are not much but they are my definition of "simple" joys.

Keep scrolling and have fun reading :D

Beach in November

Last weekend (see: nov.26-27), my friend and I went up north for a quick weekend getaway. She was celebrating her birthday on a resort--it is called "The North Sky" and the place was great but not super "wow" kind of great. If you are looking for a short time out of the city, this could be the perfect place for you. It is probably a two-hour drive or so from Cebu. 

Romance Revisited with Jose Marie Chan

Last November 30- Jose Marie Chan had a concert at Waterfront Cebu to celebrate his 50th year in the music industry. With that I was expecting to hear all his timeless love songs that never fail to touch my heart. When it comes to music I really prefer the old ones. In my play list you will find the complete album of Air Supply, England Dan and John Ford Coley, America, Bee Gees, Peter Cetera and all other singers from 70's to 90's. However, when it comes to Filipino music, no one can ever go wrong with the Music of Jose Marie Chan. 

I have been hearing the songs of Jose Marie Chan since I was a child. My mum would play Christmas in our hearts and Wish upon a Christmas night on repeat every December. As I grow older, I get to listen to some of his love songs which later on I learned were all written for his wife.

During the concert JMC, told us how he first met his wife and thus that is what made him write his songs about first meeting like : Afraid for love to fade, Beautiful Girl, Tell Me your Name. When his wife/ex girlfriend left for Japan on a mission, they exchanged letters and in the middle of missing her, it prompted him to write his beautiful song entitled: Refrain. Twenty-five years later, during their anniversary, he wrote another song for his wife as a gift and it is called Thank You, Love. Imagine, how lucky his wife is.

I am not a sucker for love and relationships but if someone like JMC will write a song for you filled with poetry and metaphors, I mean who would not get kilig with  that? During the concert,  I have seen how devoted he is to his wife nad how he loves her dearly. I think that is what you call true, genuine and authentic love and not the fastfood kind of love that you all have today. (haha. sarcastic mode)  He also had his two sons sing with him on stage and shout out to JOE! hahahahaa. #crushalert #hesingslikepaulmccartney

Well, I guess this is all for my blog post today! That was a brief summary of the exciting things that happened to me recently. See you on my next post! :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From Eden

This my friends, is my first official ever in my whole twenty-one years of existence! And you know what they say " once tasted, always wanted"---in this context, I was on the verge of vowing to live forever in the island and throw away all my #richandfamous goals. Bantayan Island is famous for its white sand beaches and crystal clear water and the moment I saw it, the first sentence I uttered was "PARADISE IS REAL!!". haha. Imagine I said it in the tone of "hail hydra" lol (s/0 to captain America: civil war). Okay, back to the topic, so there I was so amazed at how beautiful the beach was and how genius God is for creating this one piece of heaven on earth.

I took this photo in one of the islands we visited and I apologize if I forgot the name of the island. Just like Bantayan, the beach was heavenly and well the tide is unpredictable. But I do not mind at all swimming on the beach all day and frying my skin to dark brown. I saw this rock not far from where our boat docked and ultimately made art out of it.

You can only imagine how to hot the sun is during this time. It was only after lunch where we decided to go island hopping and the sun is on its peak. But covered with sunblock, we fought our way to fun, beach and sand. We do not see much of this in the city and so we would not miss all the excitement just because of the fear of sunburn. haha!

So basically, these people are behind the photos of moi and all my model-esque photos. We really went over board just for my blog and for my readers. Yes, I miss you guys and this is my come back gift to you. I really cannot promise you for up to date blogs but I can promise you updates in the near future.

On the Sidelines:
Warm-up stage and trying to familiarize the place and strategize the shoot. haha!

Meet the whole crew! We are not complete but all the fun was there. :D

Meet the bestfraan.. This is our first official outing and over night away from our house. I guess we did well for newbies. :)

Photographer: Cliffton Tejam, Louis Belarma, Mel Condrillon
HMUA: bantayan breeze, sunblock SPF 20

Friday, April 15, 2016

6 Must Have Stylish bags

Hola! I am back with my weekly list of fashion favorites. This week, I will do a rundown of my 5 favorite bags and 1 folio bag.

I shall not keep you waiting. Here are some of my personal picks:
1. Tote bags
Before, I was not really a big fan of totes because I find it too boring and too simple. But now, when my grandmother gave me a new Calvin Klein tote bag, I learned to appreciate its beauty. I realized that the essence of a tote bag is to make your everyday easy. I mean, when I used my tote bag it was really light and even if it had a lot of things inside, it is not too bulky and heavy on my shoulder. This is the main reason why tote bags are my current obsession for my daily use.

2. Bucket bag
When I first saw this bucket bag, I was not fully impressed by its design. However, what caught my attention was that there are bucket bags that are structured and made by good leather quality and that is what makes it look better. I am still on the pursuit of finding the perfect bag of this kind but so far I have not seen one yet. So, I am with holding and comments and reactions to this. haha!
3. Cross body bag

If a girl can be described by bags, I can see myself in two kinds of bags: cross body bag and sac de jeur ( see: no4). I love cross body bag because it makes me shop limitlessly and it is so easy to carry. I do not have to worry about my money or my phone because I can see it right away. On days where I am with my parents or when I am just so lazy with everything, I use my body bags and everything is smooth for me. I am not so conscious with how I look all the time so I do not need powder, lipgloss and other stuff.
4. Celine's version of structured tote bag/ sac de jeur of YSL

This is the other bag that can perfectly describe me. I can see myself going to work with this bag or going to school--whichever is applicable. I mean, I have been lasting for the Celine tote bag because it is huge ( I can put all my notebooks, pencil case, wallet and toiletries) and it is formal. This is that one bag that will match whatever you want to wear. But the downside of this structured bag is that it is too heavy when loaded with many stuff. That is why the best use of this bag is when you are going to a meeting or to class and you just have to sit all day. Haha!
5. Square bag

Another new found obsession is this squared bag. I like this bag for formal affairs or even for school This is just similar to the sac de jeur but the shapes differ. I have been eyeing for one in the mall but it is sold out already. :(

6. Folio bag

This is another obsession that I have: folio bags!!!! In case you do not know, these folio bags are very useful to OC people. I mean it puts everything in one place: neat and stylish. I wanted to one a couple of folio bags for all the things I need to organize and put in my bag but I have not seen one yet. Any suggestions where I can buy folio bags?

Things I will never Tell Anyone

 1. I am criticizing you in my mind No, I am not judging you. I just have the disease of wanting everything to be perfect even if it will...