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Things You Should Never Spend More than Five Minutes On

Every day, we are bombarded with stress. From our daily activities up to our own thoughts-- we can become so restless throughout the day. Today, in particular, is very disappointing for me. I was not in the mood for anything. I was not in the mood to wear my mask on and pretend to be that cheerful being who is carefree and happy.

Ever since I turned 23, I made this pact with myself to not care about the world anymore. I just do not care whether people like me or they hate me. And the last thing I would want to happen to me is to let this negativity run my day.
If there are some things that I would not spend more than five minutes on it, these would be:

1. My Current Mood
My moods are dictated by the tide. In the morning, I can be as hyper as I can or I can just be as emotionless as a stone. Whatever mood I am in, it usually lasts the whole day. I realize this is not a healthy habit at all.

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, find a way to switch the mood. It is not healthy f…

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