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Can i have all of these this Christmas? Please? I really want to have these. These comprises my wishlist. And I'd be the happiest if they all do come true :"> No need to say more. I just want 'em all!

Going Nuts over Doughnuts

My last week before the Christmas break indeed was a great stress! I lost at  least 3 nights of sleep and my eating habits drastically changes. And what I need to balance it again is to have a dose of this yummy doughnuts. They may seem to many for a single eater, but for me it's just a small piece of cake. Believe me, I can finish even more. That's how much I want to distress and relax and unwind after a struggling week at school. It has been an uphill battle, sometimes I lose and sometimes I win. But whatever this week's outcome will be. I can say, I made it through. Doughnuts my love, i'll come for you. Soon!

Mexican Night

Tonight, I am suddenly craving for some mexican food. I badly want to have a taste of these mouth watering dishes. Here are some of my personal choices.

Paella, Nachos, Quesadillas, Baby Back ribs. Oh God! Save my soul! I can't help but lust over these delicious dishes. They are simply irresistible.

What I want for Christmas

I also want to spend sometime getting to know my crush