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Day three of my Manila trip and the highlight as well. Saturday was the day of the Max International Anniversary party at SMX Convention Center beside MOA. So since it was a business/party I chose to wear something smart casual. What I wore was a black romper and a draped vest. When I bought that black romper, I thought if you wear it, it would be uncomfortable and hot and surprisingly it wasn't. It was super comfy because its material is made of cotton plus it blended well with the draped vest that is super light as well. But then the lightness of the clothing paid off when I entered SMX since the aircon was in full blast, and yea, I felt really cold inside.

Interlude: I also dropped by the Penshoppe Fashion Week too! Hahaha! Not really, the hall where our party was held was just beside the hall where the Penshoppe event was. So there were pretty girls and boys all around the center and man, they were tall (read: 6 feet and above). The legs are to die for and the body? Just the…

In travelling pants

4:15 pm, touchdown Manila. It is always a good thing to do some dramatic pose for touristy photos. At least, you can grab the moment and feel like you are in some kind of a movie wherein they take candid shots of you. haha! okay, I must be imagining too much. Well, credits to my mom though because she took most of my photos for this trip. Let's talk a little about my outfit, I chose a plain white V-neck shirt and a colored pants for this trip because I need comfort when I travel. Sometimes, it is not advisable to wear your nicest clothes in the airport because they have to check you up for a thousand times. I suggest you dress down and put on your comfiest clothes whenever you are in flight!
  I just did not expect, NAIA has such humongous conveyor belts and got me really curious what would it be like to walk on those like in the runway of Louis Vuitton!

 After we checked in in the hotel, we head straight to Mall of Asia (MOA) for dinner and to meet some of our relatives and th…

Temporary Stay

I flew to Manila last thursday to accompany my mom for her business trip and some matters to tend to in the Supreme Court. We chose a hotel near the airport because it is more accessible for back and forth travel to Edsa, and Taft Avenue ( I am not sure if I knew the places well though, haha!). Although, we originally planned to book in one of the hotels in Resort's World but whenever read some feedbacks about Remington hotel in the internet, it was not that satisfactory so we opted for another one-- it's the Copacabana Hotel beside The Heritage Hotel in Pasay. My estimate time for travel from the airport going to this place is around 20 minutes; and also if you plan to go on thriftshopping, Baclaran is just a few meters away from the hotel!
 Just like any legit "travel" blogger, well, uhmm, I try to assume myself as now one of them (haha! lol) they try to take photos to the hotel and their interior so I try to do the same. It's not that I am just taking photo o…

Sentimental Sunday

It is not everyday that we get the chance to perform on stage. Luckily, for my course, they offer one subject that lets us do a play production every semester. This time, they opted to do a musical. Quite challenging, isn't it? The tiring practices, all the dancing and lip-syncing. The effort we put through just to make a good play despite how our teacher took us for granted (see: she was never in our practices, just those within the classroom) and the lack of funds and resources. The title of the play is "Once on this island". So I had a really large role in this production. I was both a peasant and a french woman who dances through out the whole 40 minute play. The photo above is me and my wonderful make-up artist; more like she did my eyebrows and gash I felt so pretty that time! Hahaha
And even though I had to disobey fashion rules, I had to pose for an #ootd just because I want to see how I look despite the lack of style knowing that I am a peasant. Surprisingly, I…


Today, speak and style goes Fit and Fab! You ask me, what keeps me busy these days? It's being healthy. I have been a dieter since I started joining pageants before and honestly, I always fail. I find it to hard to stick to meal plans and structured hard core exercises. It took me many years to finally realize what I wanted to do with my body and that is: to have toned muscles and fit body. Perhaps what you see in these photos are the kind of body I want to achieve. Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima and Scarlett Johansson have something in common that I am really envy of: their body. It is no question how their toned abs and legs are so perfectly toned. Yes, you can totally search a video on YouTube and learn different exercises that these models do. However, the quest for a perfect bod doesn't really end there. It has to be a continuous process, and tedious as a matter of fact. And then here goes the horrible diet that you have to follow. No chocolates. No alcohol. No pasta. No ste…

Alter Ego

Back to virtual styling! Yessss =) So, I have been painting this picture of me in my mind wearing a leather midrib corset and a leather pencil skirt. Swooon! Gaaaash, it is so not me. Well, I am turning 19 three weeks from now and perhaps I should reinvent my fashion. No, not the Miley Cyrus thing but try to reconsider it, she has been so amazing lately ( except for her outrageous music videos). I mean, her minimalist/ hipster vibe is to die for plus that sexy bod don't you think?
So back to the outfit, I have noticed lately that this has been so trendy. And for some reason, it suits me. For one, I have been dying to wear something like this ever since high school but I am just too scared to walk on the streets wearing like this. I personally chose a Zanotti and not a Louboutin for the shoes because the new collection is darn hot! They've been combining black and gold or white and gold in every shoe, and I guess it has always been in my taste buds to fall for anything gold. And…

Thrice told tales: Third year fashion and fun version

Okaay, so if you have read my personal blog and have known my personal side of the story, I think I should share the upside of my semester. This time, I will show you all the crazy stuff and my washday outfits on some wednesday that I have my outfit of the day photos. Hold on to your seats and get ready to laugh out a whole bunch of crazy happenings(exage! hahaha but so what?)

Photo story. this is what it is. I have enough explanation of this in my other blog and this time I just want you to visualize what I said there! Hahahaha. LOL. kidding =))) it has been a blast. and I hope for a better one next semester!