Temporary Stay

I flew to Manila last thursday to accompany my mom for her business trip and some matters to tend to in the Supreme Court. We chose a hotel near the airport because it is more accessible for back and forth travel to Edsa, and Taft Avenue ( I am not sure if I knew the places well though, haha!). Although, we originally planned to book in one of the hotels in Resort's World but whenever read some feedbacks about Remington hotel in the internet, it was not that satisfactory so we opted for another one-- it's the Copacabana Hotel beside The Heritage Hotel in Pasay. My estimate time for travel from the airport going to this place is around 20 minutes; and also if you plan to go on thriftshopping, Baclaran is just a few meters away from the hotel!

 Just like any legit "travel" blogger, well, uhmm, I try to assume myself as now one of them (haha! lol) they try to take photos to the hotel and their interior so I try to do the same. It's not that I am just taking photo on anything I see but I truly find their furniture pieces in the library interesting. Just like this deer above and the chandelier below. I always find chandelier as a barometer for an elegant home or edifice but of course the way it is intricately design matter also.
I must say, their rooms are incredible. I love it because it is so spacious, I guess you can fit in 6 people in a room and just order an extra sofa bed for extra guests. You can even cook your own meal. And the best thing in the hotel is their bedroom, actually they separate the living room and kitchen to the bedroom itself where it has a clean bathroom and airconditioned as well. If there is one thing I would miss in this place it would be the TV, for once I got so addicted to TV because I missed cable channels! hahaha. Our house doesn't have one anymore because my parents cut it off since we don't study anymore because of it. 

Of course, do not ever forget to take on touristy photos in every place that you go to, just like what I am doing. Despite the haggard face from a 7 hour plane delay and another hour for taxi haunting in the airport, I still manage to take some quirky shots of myself in our hotel room. All in all, this place is cool and affordable. Definitely, a must stay in hotel in case you wander around manila; MOA is just a 10-15 minute ride away and there are a lot of parks located not far from the place. I had an awesome stay.:)

For booking and inquiries just log on to their page here


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