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Came to Camotes

Another long overdue blog post about our Camotes weekend with the bestfriend, Raffy. I did not have the time to make a good post about it until today. For the first time independent travelers (sure?), we really did have a trip of a lifetime. We had meetings, countless of them if I may mention and we even have a step by step process on how to get to the pier.

We agreed to meet at around 5:30 in the morning but then I had to buy coffee because we need coffee. So I arrived at around 6 am in the bus terminal and got worried we will not be able to ride on an air-conditioned bus. Yes. We are that specific!

When we got to the Danao Port, we were stuck for four hours because we did not buy a ticket ahead of time. Raffy and I were already irritated because it was too hot, it was smelly and the people were just going crazy. Thank God, we were able to buy a ticket for the air-conditioned seats or whatever you call it. We need to keep ourselves cool. We arrived at Camotes Port (i think that was…

Things I will never Tell Anyone

1. I am criticizing you in my mind
No, I am not judging you. I just have the disease of wanting everything to be perfect even if it will never be. I wanted everyone to fit in my standards even if we all know this is impossible. But, I do it anyway.

My mind is both heaven and hell. It can be filled with the most beautiful things and my imagination can go beyond awesome but it can turn into something horrific in a split second too. It all depends on my mood. I can destroy everything-- even my life in one minute once my mind starts thinking dark things. And that is the scary part of me.

 2. I wish I had so much confidence
One of my biggest water loo is the lack of self-confidence. For years, I have been trying to figure out why I always shy away from social gatherings and why I feel suffocated when there are more than three people in a room. I hate being in a crowd unless it is an unfamiliar one. I hate mingling with people. I always have the notion that socializing means faking everyt…