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Life Update: Thankful and Hopeful

On to my fourth month of being alone and I could not be more happier and sadder at the same time. Until recently, homesickness has not dawn on me until I started craving for the S&R chicken ceasar salad, that potato corner BBQ fries and my spontaneous trips to the cafe. I have been meaning to write about my whole early September shenanigans but I just could not seem to pull my thoughts together.

Today, I am in the mood to put down my thoughts into writing while basking on the pure goodness of Hozier playlist. I may be divulging more details than necessary in case the Hozier fever will take me on a celestial level.

Life update: 1. I got me a travel blog writing job. Again, the regular Ezra is back at it again. Hoarding jobs and usually from two different fields. I love this part time job as I am writing again and I am getting to explore more places just by reading and researching. 
2. I am still apprehensive about taking the yoga class. The yoga instructor is a guy and I am not co…