Sunday, May 19, 2013

Summer Wishlist Pt.3: Bags

Summer Wishlist Pt.3: Bags

I have currently laid my eyes on designer bags. My heart has now found another obsession aside from shoes, and that is bags. I have just realized now how important choosing the right style and color of the bag in your outfit. Before, I just throw on a nice outfit and the perfect shoe disregarding the kind of bag I'm carrying. And I just knew now how it sucks carrying a mismatched bag! But then, Polyvore has offered me too many choices for this. Instantly, I know I was gonna pick a Chanel classics, a Michael Kors clutch, a Prada bag, a Yellow Birkin and of course the newest addition to Celine collection the luggage bag. 

If I have the money, of course, I'd buy them all at once. But seeing their sky-high prices, I just know how much saving up I need in order to buy even just one of these. Patience, my friend, patience. Well, anyway, I guess I'll be adding a part of my allowance now to buy bags for me! :) Bisuous mes copines!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dress to Impress

As I was looking through my Pinterest page tonight, I stumble upon these lovely gowns and dresses and I thought, perhaps I should make a post about this. Well, if you ask me personally I am the lace-y, volume-y type of girl. I don't know if you get that, bu I really am attracted to those intricate lace designs that are hand embroidered and those gowns with volumes.

 Like this teal lace dress, I just fell in love when I saw it. It's just classy, chic and utterly elegant. The feeling that when you walk into the room everyone would just stop and stare and admire the dress your wearing.
 Or if you want to consider adding volume too in your gown, this is just perfect. It doesn't have too much detail but its simplicity brings out your natural curve and beauty.
 But if you'll be out on a date, this cocktail dress is perfect if the location is a bit formal. The ruffled bottom just perfect complements the lace top. It is sexy but it shows not so much skin. It's just perfect for any semi-formal occasions and without any questions, you'd still be a head turner.
 This is my favorite pastel color as of the moment! I don't know why but light green is just so refreshing and pleasing to the eyes. I haven't much decided where to wear this but I'm pretty sure it will suit up an Oscar's night. There maybe a bit too much volume, but it doesn't look heavy at all. The designer is such a genius for it to place the right size of flowers and ruffles with exact spacing for it not to look too overpowering or stuffy.
 For sure this dress I would wear in my wedding or perhaps any special occasion in my life. Maybe not as a wedding gown but for sure I will wear this. It feels so light, so heavenly, so dramatic. It's too perfect just like in a fairy tale. Again, it didn't contain too much details but the sheer part on it is just carefree. I don't know what else to say but this whole look is the one I've been looking for!

I'm really a great fan of pastel colors, this maybe a biased but I guess I'm just the very girly type of girl. I don't like wearing gowns that much because I don't have any occasions for it but this time I'm starting to think of buying gowns just in case I'd use it in the future. Though I'm no designer but if given the chance to draw something spectacular and borrowing the hands of Oscar dela Renta or Vivienne Westwood, for sure this same dresses will be my masterpiece! :)

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