Summer Wishlist Pt.3: Bags

Summer Wishlist Pt.3: Bags

I have currently laid my eyes on designer bags. My heart has now found another obsession aside from shoes, and that is bags. I have just realized now how important choosing the right style and color of the bag in your outfit. Before, I just throw on a nice outfit and the perfect shoe disregarding the kind of bag I'm carrying. And I just knew now how it sucks carrying a mismatched bag! But then, Polyvore has offered me too many choices for this. Instantly, I know I was gonna pick a Chanel classics, a Michael Kors clutch, a Prada bag, a Yellow Birkin and of course the newest addition to Celine collection the luggage bag. 

If I have the money, of course, I'd buy them all at once. But seeing their sky-high prices, I just know how much saving up I need in order to buy even just one of these. Patience, my friend, patience. Well, anyway, I guess I'll be adding a part of my allowance now to buy bags for me! :) Bisuous mes copines!


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