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Black bootie call

Black bootie call by chichonheels featuring black leather booties
You would think by now that I am going out of my mind. No, I am still sane and this feature about boots is just the other side of me (lol!). Fashion is a never ending evolution, every year new trends are set and every year our tastes differ. It just so happens that my fetish this time are these booties. Although this is way too far from my comfort zone and I don't know if it is because of my obsessive fashion hunting or the influence of some of my most looked up fashion bloggers. I have to admit though that when I first saw people wearing this type of shoes I thought they find nothing worth spending a dime for so they just wasted it on these peculiar kicks. But I was wrong. 
I was wrong because aside from the hipsterific vibes the youth has today and the dawn of the self-acclaimed "Cool Kids", probably the reason why many are sporting into these things. As for me, an ever devotee of elegant chic made me th…

Blanc et Noir

Flashbackward. Is there such word? Anyway, midterms is done (yeay!) and I'm glad I still have some photos to post in my blog. You see I'm quite of a responsible blogger now. These past few days has been so hectic for me especially that I have to read mile long chapters in almost all subjects (but I'm not complaining, God knows how much I love what I am doing). 
Now getting back to this post, this shoot was done a last month for the pageant. We were asked to wear a plain white shirt, jeans and some black pumps. Although we were informed a bit earlier for it, you know nothing works best until the eleventh hour (haha!) so I bought these things the day before.
I chose to wear a polo shirt than the usual V-neck because in some way it straddles between the boundaries of a casual and laid back look, don't you think? And since this shoot was for a big event, you have to look presentable even in a simple outfit. I also bought a high-waist skinny jeans to make me look thinner an…

Taking Chances

I just realized how I missed to have a proper introduction of myself when I first officially launched my blog. I know that this is my 100th post now and you may think that it's too late to tell you about the lady behind speak and style but I'd like to grab this chance to tell you who I really am.
 One thing that pushed me to create a blog of my own was when I was too obsessed with lookbook. Lookbook, in case you don't know, is the paradise of the fashionistas where they post the outfits that they wear everyday. Due to my obsession, I've had this personal picks like Anaztasia Siantar, Ebba Zingmark, Andy Torres, Chiara Ferragni, and our very own Camille Co, Kryz Uy, Laureen Uy and Tricia Gosingtian. After few days of stalking them in lookbook, I discovered that they had this blog where they keep it updated daily.
 From that daily stalking, I went on to lusting over what they are wearing, imaginary mix and matching my clothes and dream of that celebrity kind of life. I…