Blanc et Noir

Flashbackward. Is there such word? Anyway, midterms is done (yeay!) and I'm glad I still have some
photos to post in my blog. You see I'm quite of a responsible blogger now. These past few days has been so hectic for me especially that I have to read mile long chapters in almost all subjects (but I'm not complaining, God knows how much I love what I am doing). 

Now getting back to this post, this shoot was done a last month for the pageant. We were asked to wear a plain white shirt, jeans and some black pumps. Although we were informed a bit earlier for it, you know nothing works best until the eleventh hour (haha!) so I bought these things the day before.

I chose to wear a polo shirt than the usual V-neck because in some way it straddles between the boundaries of a casual and laid back look, don't you think? And since this shoot was for a big event, you have to look presentable even in a simple outfit. I also bought a high-waist skinny jeans to make me look thinner and my legs longer (such a cheater haha!). And the shoes? I bought them myself from my savings. I told you I was fantasizing on some pointed-to stilettos, so I bought one. I must say nothing made me more confident than these babies. 

Proud to tell you that this photo above was the chose Ms. Photogenic for the pageant! I even have the copy of the photo framed and displayed in our house. Supposedly I would put in inside my room but my mom insisted on placing it in our living room. Haha, my mom is so cute!

Shirt: Jag | Jeans: BlueTab | Shoes: CMG | MUA: mom


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