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March Madness

So the best friend and I had an impulsive spending on concert tickets. It was on March 5, 2017, that she actually messaged me telling to watch the Air Supply concert with her on Tuesday that same week. I was telling her that we should watch the concert but at the back of my mind, I was thinking about my savings. The tickets cost a fortune (considering us being nillionaires) and so it was quite a risk to spend thousand/s of peso for a two-hour show. Nevertheless, she prompted me on a peculiar way of thinking saying: THIS CONCERT IS ONCE IN A LIFETIME. WE HAVE TO WATCH IT BEFORE THE DUO GETS TOO OLD TO SING FOR A CROWD. And yes, the lame excuse made me say YES.
We had the tickets and we lined up for the show. We drank two cups of coffee before the show and we fangirled during and after the concert. We had videos in almost all their songs and we were singing the whole night through. But let me highlight some important parts of the show: the Opening number, the closing song and their tim…