Tuesday, October 28, 2014


So, my birthday is fast approaching and I really do not know what is in store for me on that day. All I hope for is that may my birthday wishes come true. :)

And since, I am now saying goodbye to my"teen" years, I want to reinvent my style and become bolder. Bolder, in the sense that I indulge on better clothes and never to wear again crappy outfits. I mean, we all deserve to always look our best right? Regardless of our situation, whether we are having a bad day, bad grade or bad life, it is never wrong to look good for yourself. Trust me, it turns everything upside down. So much for a very long excuse, I mean, introduction (haha!), I just want to share my birthday wishes this year. You know what they say "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"..well, I really hope that I will get it.:)

1. A yellow bag- I mean not necessarily this Celine tote (I know how expensive this is), but a bag that is color yellow and can be used in school. I need it more than want! Plus yellow plays a significant part in my life because it is my favorite color. :)

 2. Nude lace-up heels. I want not just one but three new pair of heels right now. I know this is obsession, but I just can't help myself. This must be true love because I can't stop thinking about it :P

3. White pointed toe pump shoes- I mean, do I really have to explain why I need this in my life? (Seriously, c'mon!)

 4. idontknowwhatyoucallit shoes- no, I am not yet crazy but in my eyes this is so beautiful. This is not my typical kind of heels, but I guess such change in taste comes in maturity (excuses, excuses). Anyway, ugh...my heart ♥
5. I call it the couture-esque top- this kind of top makes you look like you have really thought well of what to wear when in fact you just randomly picked it out of your closet. I mean, this is just so tres chic. I am at loss for words...

6. Shirts- just because they are my current obsession..and I don't know why

7. Nike trainers- well because I am trying to be healthy here. And working out should not be a boring activity..Thou shall work out in style ;) Don't you think? And of course, because this is very trendy at the moment.

8. Work-out clothes- I mean, healthy living guys. Healthy living. Please... hahahaha!

9. Yoga mat- now where will I use my Nike trainers and work out clothes if I just do yoga? Hmmmm...because exercising should have variation? hihihi...

My top 9 birthday wish, and well someone could be a genie in disguise and will help me have these? Parents? Relatives? Friends? Donors? Benefactors? I am so willing to accept donations and cash. hahaha 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Gold and The Great

Last September 27, 2014 was the coronation night of Mr and Ms TC 2014 and of course the judgement day for all the 16 contestants, including moi. To start off, the pageant has four segments and the first one wherein we all wore a yellow jumpsuit with a mullet sheer skirt..well we weren't able to take photos of it (sorry). However, the photo above is our fun wear. I love the idea of color blocking and well, a big round of applause for having the perfect color blocks of all the bright and neon colors. When you look at all those colorful outfits, it is not so blinding nor hurtful on the eyes ;) That is a plus!

For our course wear, I wore this ethnic outfit with a really really humongous head dress that I have ever worn in my entire life. Well for the record, it was indeed one for the books however, I would not dare to wear it again. Ever. I will tell you though how, uncomfortable the whole outfit was. I had to tuck my whole extra large body in an extra small body suit (which surprisingly, I fit in. LOL). Then, they had to decorate me with all these beaded artworks and of course the pottery that was on my head. It was not really heavy but it was unsteady..I felt like it is almost falling even if I am holding it. Plus, the fire on top of my head. I must give myself a huge pat on the shoulder for pulling it off while pasting that genuine and I'm-totally-cool-with-it smile. 

 Lastly, we had the formal wear. I love the design of my gown although it was a bit daring. Of all the pageants that I have joined, I guess this gown is the most classy but the sexiest as well. Well, the whole no underwear thing is something I cannot take but well, if you are left with no choice then push! Hahaha XD But don't worry, I have got everything secured. LOL. Anyway, I love my whole look in this segment.

Happy to be part of the Top4! It was least expected but of course I prayed for it. A whole lot. :D

 A bonus because I was awarded as the Best in Fun Wear. I did this signature Victoria Secret angel's stunt. Hahaha! Imagine the comical twist. I did not know what went in my head that suddenly I had all the confidence to do such thing. Oh well, YOLO! :D

 So, towards the end, I was part of the Top 2! Thank you Lord (I know this is in your plan :D)

In the end, I was awarded as the First Runner-Up and my good friend Nicole, won the crown. It was indeed a very nice experience for me especially I will be graduating soon.
 The whole bunch's Photo-op :)

Ladies and Gents, meet the crazy but genuine bunch. They went out of their way just to watch the show and even printed banners for me. I was very touched by their effort. Thank you guys for being there, I really appreciate it :)
The guy in stripes was my crush of the night because he looks like Kobe Paras. Hhaha. Please, just give your girlfriend a chance to fangirl for a moment. LOL

On a personal note, the whole pageant for me was just something I did for fun. Although, the competition was there but as much as possible I tried not to see it as such so that I won't get pressured. So during rehearsals and other activities like photo hoots and sponsorships, i just have fun because being chosen to represent my college is already a privilege and so I must just enjoy the whole ride. Perhaps, I was influenced by this one friend of mine who once said that we have the FREEDOM TO TAKE RISK. I took the risk, to be bold enough to do something out of my comfort zone. I know that I have joined a lot of pageants in the past, but I told myself that I won't join pageants anymore because I know it is not my thing but I guess God has other plans for me because three more pageants came my way during college. Looking back, I was a placer for Ms Lakambini 2012, and won Ms. EMA 2013 and now Ms. TC 2014. Perhaps, despite this introverted freak I call myself, is a bit of a pageant queen just waiting to be develop and further honed.

Lastly, thank you to all who have been with me throughout this journey. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it ♥

Photos: taken from Today's Carolinian, Arvin Tate Yu 
HMUA: Limerick Productions

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Temptress

Temptress (n.)- in its literary definition; it refers to a woman who tempts someone to do something, someone who sets out to allure or set someone.

In its modern meaning, I wish to redefine a temptress. In my dictionary, a temptress is someone who is physically alluring but very very dangerous.

At a glance, people seem me as naive and innocent, sweet and fragile. But I am anything but fragile. I may not say everything that enters my mind, but rest assured that I have my own opinion on everything. People may look down on me, say crazy things about me or even try to destroy me, but know that I have taken notice of all those things. I just choose not to say anything about it because it is not worth my time.
 I am way too smart and wise to be fooled. People think that they are one step ahead of me, little did they know that I was way farther before they thought they were. A modern temptress will fight a quite battle; a mind game that only the toughest can survive. Seducing is not something sexual, it is a battle of wit and tactics and if you fall on the trap..tough luck my dear. Tough luck.
Enough of poetry, let me give you a brief background of this shoot. It was taken last August for the outdoor shoot of the Mr and Ms TC 2014. We were asked to wear a white gown with a gold accent because the theme was :The Gold and The Great". I chose to wear something tulle just because. Hahaha! I don't know, the designer made me this gown and I just love the gold details in it. You would think that the process was so complex but really, these are all just laser cuts. I was killin the goddess/amazon vibes the whole time. Plus my make-up was effortless. An au naturale look is too die for, it is one of the hardest make-up to pull off but my make-up artist did it so well..a million thanks to him by the way!

PS-- I will let you in on a secret....the photoshoots that we had, I never thought of it as something I am doing to win..I was just after the photos so I can post it on my blog and share it to you guys :D I have not found an extra time yet to do random shoots because of class, so I am very determined to collect as many photos as I can for my lovely readers. ahaha! Hope you loved it :)

Gown and HMUA: Jed Sevilla
Shoes: ALDO
Photos by: Alem Garcia

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