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So, my birthday is fast approaching and I really do not know what is in store for me on that day. All I hope for is that may my birthday wishes come true. :)

And since, I am now saying goodbye to my"teen" years, I want to reinvent my style and become bolder. Bolder, in the sense that I indulge on better clothes and never to wear again crappy outfits. I mean, we all deserve to always look our best right? Regardless of our situation, whether we are having a bad day, bad grade or bad life, it is never wrong to look good for yourself. Trust me, it turns everything upside down. So much for a very long excuse, I mean, introduction (haha!), I just want to share my birthday wishes this year. You know what they say "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"..well, I really hope that I will get it.:)

1 1. A yellow bag- I mean not necessarily this Celine tote (I know how expensive this is), but a bag that is color yellow and can be used in school. I need it more tha…

The Gold and The Great

Last September 27, 2014 was the coronation night of Mr and Ms TC 2014 and of course the judgement day for all the 16 contestants, including moi. To start off, the pageant has four segments and the first one wherein we all wore a yellow jumpsuit with a mullet sheer skirt..well we weren't able to take photos of it (sorry). However, the photo above is our fun wear. I love the idea of color blocking and well, a big round of applause for having the perfect color blocks of all the bright and neon colors. When you look at all those colorful outfits, it is not so blinding nor hurtful on the eyes ;) That is a plus!

For our course wear, I wore this ethnic outfit with a really really humongous head dress that I have ever worn in my entire life. Well for the record, it was indeed one for the books however, I would not dare to wear it again. Ever. I will tell you though how, uncomfortable the whole outfit was. I had to tuck my whole extra large body in an extra small body suit (which surprisi…

The Temptress

Temptress (n.)- in its literary definition; it refers to a woman who tempts someone to do something, someone who sets out to allure or set someone.

In its modern meaning, I wish to redefine a temptress. In my dictionary, a temptress is someone who is physically alluring but very very dangerous.

At a glance, people seem me as naive and innocent, sweet and fragile. But I am anything but fragile. I may not say everything that enters my mind, but rest assured that I have my own opinion on everything. People may look down on me, say crazy things about me or even try to destroy me, but know that I have taken notice of all those things. I just choose not to say anything about it because it is not worth my time.
 I am way too smart and wise to be fooled. People think that they are one step ahead of me, little did they know that I was way farther before they thought they were. A modern temptress will fight a quite battle; a mind game that only the toughest can survive. Seducing is not somethin…