So, my birthday is fast approaching and I really do not know what is in store for me on that day. All I hope for is that may my birthday wishes come true. :)

And since, I am now saying goodbye to my"teen" years, I want to reinvent my style and become bolder. Bolder, in the sense that I indulge on better clothes and never to wear again crappy outfits. I mean, we all deserve to always look our best right? Regardless of our situation, whether we are having a bad day, bad grade or bad life, it is never wrong to look good for yourself. Trust me, it turns everything upside down. So much for a very long excuse, I mean, introduction (haha!), I just want to share my birthday wishes this year. You know what they say "Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it"..well, I really hope that I will get it.:)

1. A yellow bag- I mean not necessarily this Celine tote (I know how expensive this is), but a bag that is color yellow and can be used in school. I need it more than want! Plus yellow plays a significant part in my life because it is my favorite color. :)

 2. Nude lace-up heels. I want not just one but three new pair of heels right now. I know this is obsession, but I just can't help myself. This must be true love because I can't stop thinking about it :P

3. White pointed toe pump shoes- I mean, do I really have to explain why I need this in my life? (Seriously, c'mon!)

 4. idontknowwhatyoucallit shoes- no, I am not yet crazy but in my eyes this is so beautiful. This is not my typical kind of heels, but I guess such change in taste comes in maturity (excuses, excuses). Anyway, heart ♥
5. I call it the couture-esque top- this kind of top makes you look like you have really thought well of what to wear when in fact you just randomly picked it out of your closet. I mean, this is just so tres chic. I am at loss for words...

6. Shirts- just because they are my current obsession..and I don't know why

7. Nike trainers- well because I am trying to be healthy here. And working out should not be a boring activity..Thou shall work out in style ;) Don't you think? And of course, because this is very trendy at the moment.

8. Work-out clothes- I mean, healthy living guys. Healthy living. Please... hahahaha!

9. Yoga mat- now where will I use my Nike trainers and work out clothes if I just do yoga? Hmmmm...because exercising should have variation? hihihi...

My top 9 birthday wish, and well someone could be a genie in disguise and will help me have these? Parents? Relatives? Friends? Donors? Benefactors? I am so willing to accept donations and cash. hahaha 


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