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Not Your Typical New Year's Resolution

Wow! Can you believe it? 2017 is freaking done! The times have changed and the world is turning. But I am still the same old me. The same old dreams keeping me alive. The same old thoughts eating me alive. It feels like some poetic rhyme but really it has been costing me dimes. ( can't help to make a couplet thought)

How was my 2017?
It was a year of taking risks. I took the risk of signing that one year contract in the school I am currently teaching. If you do not know me well, I hate staying in one place for a long time, but I guess being locked up in a contract is one thing that tests my patience and my abilities.

We took the risk of making a new home for us. Despite the lack of abundant cash. Despite the lack of resources but we took the risk. It cost me a lot of moolah. It cost us emotional exhaustion but we are more than halfway there. In no time, we will be seeing the fruits of my labor.

But the in-betweens of my year was horrible. It mostly consisted of ranting, complaini…