Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Blue Bare

The groupshot. For a change of my typical introductory photo, I chose this because of the nice edit and the dramatic effect of the sky that makes the three of us look glamorous in our different outifits.

I Dared. I just took a huge leap on my blogging career by doing and wearing an outfit, for a funshoot with my friends, a sexy tie down top and a tattered shorts. Well, I guess the combination for a street chic outfit went well though.

 I've been meaning to wear this outfit ever since I was in highschool, but I got no confidence to wear it because I find it too fashionable and too sexy that makes me feel uncomfortable in it. What made me change my mind is because of the timely theme that my friends had which was about travelling. And travelling in a street chic style is one of the most comfy yet you still look good.

The thing about wearing a monotonous color is quite challenging. Sometimes, wearing the same color all throughout either makes you look old fashioned or too dull. But sometimes choosing the right color and the right accents to complement it, makes your look more attractive and unique. The red bag, belt and necklace just gives the right amount of glow in the midst of the blue. Their right spaces makes the outfit neat and not to over done.

Blue is a color that makes everybody look good in it. It is good for the eyes and relaxing as well, so it has an advantage when you use it for a monotonous outfit and obviously the reason why I chose to have that outfit. The cropped top I used also gave a highlight to the outfit because of its embroidered floral designs that gives you a hint of vintage. Plus the shorts, its lose ends makes you look shorter though but has a sexy touch to the totality of the outfit. 

 Shorts: GAP | Belt and necklace: Ayala Accessories | Top: my closet | Bag; MJ's| Shoes: So FAB! |
 So what do you think of my outfit guys? :) Send me comments and suggestions in case you want to inquire about the photography and all I can surely help you :)

(c) Ushabelle Bongo

Sunday, October 21, 2012


The reason for my blogging hiatus is that I am having a hard time replying to comments and following them. I don't know what happened to blogger theses days, but I hope whatever technical problems they have they can fix it soon. I'll be tending to you guys soon and I'm sure to follow you all back. Please bear with such inconvenience :) Thanks


Monday, October 15, 2012

Fury Tattered

 So here's another outfit shot during my partial premier as a frustrated model. Watcha say? HAHAHA. It's kinda awkward claiming the title of a model because it's not my calling I guess? But nevertheless, I am starting to love the camera though I must admit. Black is black and the texture of such black cloth on the top I am wearing is no ordinary black. It has a fury texture that makes it interesting.
 The tattered back of the fury top makes it more edgy and daring, don't you think? I love the whole detail of it though because it's not your ordinary fur and it's not your ordinary tattered design. It's sexy but it didn't mean for you to get naked.
 Now, the skirt I wore is just a simple body con and I adjust it to look like a continuation of the top and in short make it look like a dress. Genius, isn't it? And the red accessories I wore was just there to complement the whole look and to put a little color in my outfit.
 And here's one more look of the sexy back. And by the way if you think that the fury top is too hot to wear, think again. Because its inner cloth is made of a silky material though silk is a good insulator of heat but the way its glosses over your body isn't hot at all. Pluss all the furs are just outside, its hems are separated by the silk material.

Photographer: Stephen Suico
MUA: Cely Maranon
Stylist: Duanna Espinosa

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Premiere deux photos

First semester of my Second year in college is officially over. And our traditional sem-ender shoot with my friends will never be amiss. As a frustrated stylist again, I played with the clothes in my closet and these two outfits are what I found!

But what I'm showing you is just a little sneak peek of more photos about our shoot to come! Stay tune and have a daily update on my blog to know what I'm talking about! :) I promise, you'll love it!

Credits to: Ushabelle Bongo

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ala Avril

 LBD. Little Black Dress. Lookbook Day. Three defintions I can think of for this look. Well, on the conceited side it is also comparable to Avril Lavigne's punk princess aura or the gothic atmosphere of paramore or the little bo beep witht the umbrella effect in the latter. I can't say it's sultry not elegant, it's your typical little black dress plus the sheer effect that makes you feel like you are a ballerina. Don't you just agree?
 The lacey layering and the sheer bottom makes the look really in a theater mode/ ala black swan. Though the design is really just so simple, but you can never say that it won't draw attention. Plus the red shoes and accessories are so in synch!
Umbrella did its job well too! Here, the transition from the ala Avril to the Little Bo beep aura is genius! Hahaha, Which only proves that this look is so versatile. You can be anyone you want in just one dress. With a variation in one's accessories, you're good to go! :)

Photographer: Stephen Suico
MUA: Cely Maranon
Stylist: Duanna Espinosa

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Je suis Mannequine

 Hey guys! Your now you see- now you don't blogger is back! No matter how many times I tell myself to be a responsible blogger, I always fail to do so. School is eating up most of my time, especially the research paper plus Economics, oh God you just don't know how bothersome Econ is to me. But now first sem is over and I'm back to blogging. Actually, there is something special about this post. Can you notice?
 Judging from the photos, you can see that I am doing something legal (See: endorser). Well, I was asked by a friend of mine to model for him and their online shop (visit it here). And guys, after all some partial fashion blogging and all those outfit of the day posts, at last I had my first ever legal endorsing/modeling shoot. Well although it was just a small scale online shop, but it was such a privilege to be part of it.
So let's get down to my first and second outfit of the shoot. So I wore this denim/acid washed outfit. And I fell in love with the color combination. Although it is bias for my part because blue is my color ever since. So the thing about this denim polo is classic, I mean this design transcends over time remember 60's fashion? 70's? denim is there and until now I am so in love with this genuinely hemmed fabric. So this look is a bit of a stylish corporate look because it was paired with an asymmetrically cut acide wash bodycon skirt. And I have to say that they were a perfect match.
 So the second look still using the denim polo as a chaleco over a summery day dress. And as what I've seen in other fashion blogs, denim and florals are trending too! Perfect for summer but since it is already October, this outfit could still be worn as something casual or laid back days. Nevertheless, mix and matching in fashion is an art. Would you guys wear this too?

Photographer: Stephen Suico
Stylist: Duanna Mae Espinosa
MUA: Cely Marañon

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