Blue Bare

The groupshot. For a change of my typical introductory photo, I chose this because of the nice edit and the dramatic effect of the sky that makes the three of us look glamorous in our different outifits.

I Dared. I just took a huge leap on my blogging career by doing and wearing an outfit, for a funshoot with my friends, a sexy tie down top and a tattered shorts. Well, I guess the combination for a street chic outfit went well though.

 I've been meaning to wear this outfit ever since I was in highschool, but I got no confidence to wear it because I find it too fashionable and too sexy that makes me feel uncomfortable in it. What made me change my mind is because of the timely theme that my friends had which was about travelling. And travelling in a street chic style is one of the most comfy yet you still look good.

The thing about wearing a monotonous color is quite challenging. Sometimes, wearing the same color all throughout either makes you look old fashioned or too dull. But sometimes choosing the right color and the right accents to complement it, makes your look more attractive and unique. The red bag, belt and necklace just gives the right amount of glow in the midst of the blue. Their right spaces makes the outfit neat and not to over done.

Blue is a color that makes everybody look good in it. It is good for the eyes and relaxing as well, so it has an advantage when you use it for a monotonous outfit and obviously the reason why I chose to have that outfit. The cropped top I used also gave a highlight to the outfit because of its embroidered floral designs that gives you a hint of vintage. Plus the shorts, its lose ends makes you look shorter though but has a sexy touch to the totality of the outfit. 

 Shorts: GAP | Belt and necklace: Ayala Accessories | Top: my closet | Bag; MJ's| Shoes: So FAB! |
 So what do you think of my outfit guys? :) Send me comments and suggestions in case you want to inquire about the photography and all I can surely help you :)

(c) Ushabelle Bongo


  1. Love your top!
    PS. You look so pretty here! :)

    1. Hi! Hahaha I read your comment on my blog. I am following you already :)) I' love it if you could follow back :)

  2. cute shoot! love the top :)


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