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Day After

Nobody really talks about the day after Christmas. Whether you spent it nursing a hang over or debloating yourself from the gastronomic feast or just simply rolling on your bed. Nobody cares about what you do after. Unlike half of the globe which is still having their Christmas snow and snuggling up on their warm bed, the other half is back to their mundane life. Work and other stuff. Trying to reconcile their minds to forget about the 25th and get back to reality which is the 26th. However, this other half can still be divided into bits of fraction; and I can tell you about the 1/9999999 portion of this fraction. this small number of people is battling for their lives; not just through physical pain but emotional and mental pain as well. these are the people who are going through some kind of existential crisis because they found themselves caught in the intersection of nowhere. The kind of people who are just so fed up with the society that they chose to cut the crap and live hermit…