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It's awkward when it is valentines

( Forgive me for the photos that do not seem to match the theme, but they are lovely. haha! )

I have been single for a long time now. It does not really bother me at all, actually it is a lot more fun than being in a relationship. No, I am not bitter or still in the process of nursing a heartache--I am just not looking for trouble at the moment.

I find it funny to have myself write a valentine's note on the blog but I feel like I need to. For one, I have never seen my Facebook flooded with all kinds of romantic, cheesy stuff. It is somewhat creepy because I feel like: "Am I really the only one who does not make a big deal out of February 14?". Oh, well maybe couples in love would never understand such dilemma. Secondly, I am also wondering if love should only be celebrated on certain days and is manifested through chocolates, flowers and fancy dates. I mean, I believe that in true, genuine and authentic love (imagine the abuse of synonyms), it is celebrated and manifest…

The art of getting by

Hey you guys! How have you been? I missed this blog, my readers and everything I used to do in here. I missed life, generally. How have I been, you ask? I've been doing fine I guess. I am getting by with my life, school and work. I think. Or maybe not. Actually, my life is on the rocks right now. I feel bad and I feel miserable and sad. I do not really want to dwell on the negative, but if I do not let this out, I might explode one of this days and I might never be sane again.

I really cannot pinpoint when this feeling started, but I feel so lost for the past two years of my life. When I was 17 years old, I thought I had figured my life out. I thought I was so straightforward on my goal and firm on my destination. I do not know what happened midway that I took a whole new different foreign direction and I am struggling finding my way out.

After March last year, I just realized that I do not know where to go next. All I know was that I want to be rich, travel the world and be glam…