It's awkward when it is valentines

( Forgive me for the photos that do not seem to match the theme, but they are lovely. haha! )

I have been single for a long time now. It does not really bother me at all, actually it is a lot more fun than being in a relationship. No, I am not bitter or still in the process of nursing a heartache--I am just not looking for trouble at the moment.

I find it funny to have myself write a valentine's note on the blog but I feel like I need to. For one, I have never seen my Facebook flooded with all kinds of romantic, cheesy stuff. It is somewhat creepy because I feel like: "Am I really the only one who does not make a big deal out of February 14?". Oh, well maybe couples in love would never understand such dilemma. Secondly, I am also wondering if love should only be celebrated on certain days and is manifested through chocolates, flowers and fancy dates. I mean, I believe that in true, genuine and authentic love (imagine the abuse of synonyms), it is celebrated and manifested in every single action that we do. I believe that everyday is valentines day and it does not necessarily have to be fancy and grandiose, what is important is that it makes the both of you happy. Or is it just me being to fairy tale-ish and hopelessly romantic? Lastly, I want to tell all the single soul in the planet to just chill and wait for your other half. You do not need to panic when you do not receive a bouquet of flowers or even a chocolate bar, come on, you are much better than that.

Since the situation calls for having something to say about love, I would try to put my two cents on the matter. For most people, the definition of love has something to do with having a boyfriend or a girlfriend, dating and doing couple things. This has been the most restricted definition of love, by far. I feel sad for it. Love is such a general word. It encompasses passion for the other human beings, including friends, family and relatives, passion for your dreams and careers, passion for the environment and charity works. Love concerns pretty much everything that requires human action.

It is funny though, that people, especially the youth tends to center their world on their flings or in their young relationships. I have nothing against being attracted and falling in love with the opposite sex, it is just too sad that people think it is all that matters. It is sad to think that people always act with emotions and throwing away logic, thus, resulting to early marriage or early pregnancy. When young people fall in love (the mature ones, know how to handle themselves already), they give it their all to show their undying love for their partners. They forget themselves because they put the other person first. I think this is totally ridiculous. True, undying and unconditional love starts with the self. It starts with YOU, loving your imperfections but striving to become better. It starts with YOU doing and chasing after your dreams and goals. And then when you reach the point where you feel like there is too much love overflowing in you, you want to radiate that love to other people and that is the perfect moment that you share that love to someone. That is the perfect moment when you finally commit yourself into investing emotions to another person, building a life with them and not around them. In this manner, both of you become partners and helping each other to become the best that you can be and not pulling each other down.

True love arrives at the perfect moment. That moment is determined by God or if you do not believe in such, at least in a Supreme Being or by all the forces of the universe. It arrives when your life is already in order.  Do not rush because when things are done half-baked, they do not usually last long. So while you are still single and free, explore the world, read more books, create more memories and live your life the way you want it to be-- no holds barred. When the time comes you are ready to be with someone: to spend your breakfast with, to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays with, to spend date nights with, to share your frustrations, anger and hunger with, and to spend your whole life with, you will not have any regrets in your life.

So much for being too cheesy now, let us go back to the point. Generally, I really find this day awkward because I literally spent the whole day lip-syncing songs on Youtube, reading e-books and by evening I have read the Revised Penal Code Art. 114-124 and Judicial Ethics page 295-305 before I decided to stop and write an entry in my blog. Social events and over updating in social networks makes me realize how isolated I am from civilization. Surprisingly, though,  I finished quite a number of task today, sitting. It's been a funny valentine's day but it was not bad at all.

There are only 2 more hours left for valentine's day, I hope it is not too late to wish you a happy  hearts day all! ♥


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