Ala Avril

 LBD. Little Black Dress. Lookbook Day. Three defintions I can think of for this look. Well, on the conceited side it is also comparable to Avril Lavigne's punk princess aura or the gothic atmosphere of paramore or the little bo beep witht the umbrella effect in the latter. I can't say it's sultry not elegant, it's your typical little black dress plus the sheer effect that makes you feel like you are a ballerina. Don't you just agree?
 The lacey layering and the sheer bottom makes the look really in a theater mode/ ala black swan. Though the design is really just so simple, but you can never say that it won't draw attention. Plus the red shoes and accessories are so in synch!
Umbrella did its job well too! Here, the transition from the ala Avril to the Little Bo beep aura is genius! Hahaha, Which only proves that this look is so versatile. You can be anyone you want in just one dress. With a variation in one's accessories, you're good to go! :)

Photographer: Stephen Suico
MUA: Cely Maranon
Stylist: Duanna Espinosa


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