Je suis Mannequine

 Hey guys! Your now you see- now you don't blogger is back! No matter how many times I tell myself to be a responsible blogger, I always fail to do so. School is eating up most of my time, especially the research paper plus Economics, oh God you just don't know how bothersome Econ is to me. But now first sem is over and I'm back to blogging. Actually, there is something special about this post. Can you notice?
 Judging from the photos, you can see that I am doing something legal (See: endorser). Well, I was asked by a friend of mine to model for him and their online shop (visit it here). And guys, after all some partial fashion blogging and all those outfit of the day posts, at last I had my first ever legal endorsing/modeling shoot. Well although it was just a small scale online shop, but it was such a privilege to be part of it.
So let's get down to my first and second outfit of the shoot. So I wore this denim/acid washed outfit. And I fell in love with the color combination. Although it is bias for my part because blue is my color ever since. So the thing about this denim polo is classic, I mean this design transcends over time remember 60's fashion? 70's? denim is there and until now I am so in love with this genuinely hemmed fabric. So this look is a bit of a stylish corporate look because it was paired with an asymmetrically cut acide wash bodycon skirt. And I have to say that they were a perfect match.
 So the second look still using the denim polo as a chaleco over a summery day dress. And as what I've seen in other fashion blogs, denim and florals are trending too! Perfect for summer but since it is already October, this outfit could still be worn as something casual or laid back days. Nevertheless, mix and matching in fashion is an art. Would you guys wear this too?

Photographer: Stephen Suico
Stylist: Duanna Mae Espinosa
MUA: Cely Marañon


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