The Temptress

Temptress (n.)- in its literary definition; it refers to a woman who tempts someone to do something, someone who sets out to allure or set someone.

In its modern meaning, I wish to redefine a temptress. In my dictionary, a temptress is someone who is physically alluring but very very dangerous.

At a glance, people seem me as naive and innocent, sweet and fragile. But I am anything but fragile. I may not say everything that enters my mind, but rest assured that I have my own opinion on everything. People may look down on me, say crazy things about me or even try to destroy me, but know that I have taken notice of all those things. I just choose not to say anything about it because it is not worth my time.
 I am way too smart and wise to be fooled. People think that they are one step ahead of me, little did they know that I was way farther before they thought they were. A modern temptress will fight a quite battle; a mind game that only the toughest can survive. Seducing is not something sexual, it is a battle of wit and tactics and if you fall on the trap..tough luck my dear. Tough luck.
Enough of poetry, let me give you a brief background of this shoot. It was taken last August for the outdoor shoot of the Mr and Ms TC 2014. We were asked to wear a white gown with a gold accent because the theme was :The Gold and The Great". I chose to wear something tulle just because. Hahaha! I don't know, the designer made me this gown and I just love the gold details in it. You would think that the process was so complex but really, these are all just laser cuts. I was killin the goddess/amazon vibes the whole time. Plus my make-up was effortless. An au naturale look is too die for, it is one of the hardest make-up to pull off but my make-up artist did it so well..a million thanks to him by the way!

PS-- I will let you in on a secret....the photoshoots that we had, I never thought of it as something I am doing to win..I was just after the photos so I can post it on my blog and share it to you guys :D I have not found an extra time yet to do random shoots because of class, so I am very determined to collect as many photos as I can for my lovely readers. ahaha! Hope you loved it :)

Gown and HMUA: Jed Sevilla
Shoes: ALDO
Photos by: Alem Garcia


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