The Gold and The Great

Last September 27, 2014 was the coronation night of Mr and Ms TC 2014 and of course the judgement day for all the 16 contestants, including moi. To start off, the pageant has four segments and the first one wherein we all wore a yellow jumpsuit with a mullet sheer skirt..well we weren't able to take photos of it (sorry). However, the photo above is our fun wear. I love the idea of color blocking and well, a big round of applause for having the perfect color blocks of all the bright and neon colors. When you look at all those colorful outfits, it is not so blinding nor hurtful on the eyes ;) That is a plus!

For our course wear, I wore this ethnic outfit with a really really humongous head dress that I have ever worn in my entire life. Well for the record, it was indeed one for the books however, I would not dare to wear it again. Ever. I will tell you though how, uncomfortable the whole outfit was. I had to tuck my whole extra large body in an extra small body suit (which surprisingly, I fit in. LOL). Then, they had to decorate me with all these beaded artworks and of course the pottery that was on my head. It was not really heavy but it was unsteady..I felt like it is almost falling even if I am holding it. Plus, the fire on top of my head. I must give myself a huge pat on the shoulder for pulling it off while pasting that genuine and I'm-totally-cool-with-it smile. 

 Lastly, we had the formal wear. I love the design of my gown although it was a bit daring. Of all the pageants that I have joined, I guess this gown is the most classy but the sexiest as well. Well, the whole no underwear thing is something I cannot take but well, if you are left with no choice then push! Hahaha XD But don't worry, I have got everything secured. LOL. Anyway, I love my whole look in this segment.

Happy to be part of the Top4! It was least expected but of course I prayed for it. A whole lot. :D

 A bonus because I was awarded as the Best in Fun Wear. I did this signature Victoria Secret angel's stunt. Hahaha! Imagine the comical twist. I did not know what went in my head that suddenly I had all the confidence to do such thing. Oh well, YOLO! :D

 So, towards the end, I was part of the Top 2! Thank you Lord (I know this is in your plan :D)

In the end, I was awarded as the First Runner-Up and my good friend Nicole, won the crown. It was indeed a very nice experience for me especially I will be graduating soon.
 The whole bunch's Photo-op :)

Ladies and Gents, meet the crazy but genuine bunch. They went out of their way just to watch the show and even printed banners for me. I was very touched by their effort. Thank you guys for being there, I really appreciate it :)
The guy in stripes was my crush of the night because he looks like Kobe Paras. Hhaha. Please, just give your girlfriend a chance to fangirl for a moment. LOL

On a personal note, the whole pageant for me was just something I did for fun. Although, the competition was there but as much as possible I tried not to see it as such so that I won't get pressured. So during rehearsals and other activities like photo hoots and sponsorships, i just have fun because being chosen to represent my college is already a privilege and so I must just enjoy the whole ride. Perhaps, I was influenced by this one friend of mine who once said that we have the FREEDOM TO TAKE RISK. I took the risk, to be bold enough to do something out of my comfort zone. I know that I have joined a lot of pageants in the past, but I told myself that I won't join pageants anymore because I know it is not my thing but I guess God has other plans for me because three more pageants came my way during college. Looking back, I was a placer for Ms Lakambini 2012, and won Ms. EMA 2013 and now Ms. TC 2014. Perhaps, despite this introverted freak I call myself, is a bit of a pageant queen just waiting to be develop and further honed.

Lastly, thank you to all who have been with me throughout this journey. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it ♥

Photos: taken from Today's Carolinian, Arvin Tate Yu 
HMUA: Limerick Productions


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